Tim Pool: Occupy Wall Street Broadcasting Live by Time.com


I’m gonna give out the links to the other streams so you could keep up with Dwayne.  It’s livestream.com/owsnyc as well as livestream.com/occupynyc.


So they are still up right now.  I’m just ah about dead tired and were a bit chilled out right now.


So you’ll hear from me from Twitter.  Thanks everyone who stayed with us to watch the N17 Action.


Uhm make it everyone who helped me out.  Someone handed me an umbrella, the gentleman who gave me the gloves, thank you so much.


Someone’s asking for a full day recap please.  Alright we’ll do one as quickly as possible, real quick, real quick.


So I arrived at Zuccotti Park at 7am.  We crossed the street, prepared to march, the police announced on the bullhorn there is no parade permit, we are not allowed to march.


The protestors broke up in different direction.  Got to Pine and Nasa and was fractured in separate groups.


The other groups then occupied the intersections around the stock exchange blocking traffic, and blocking all the entrances for a few minutes.


I made it back to Pine and Nasa completely around the block.  We were there for a few minutes and marched back to Zuccotti.


We then saw a police scuffle as occupiers were pulling the barricade down, the police restored them.  I was actually in the middle of that.


So I was sort of lifted off the ground for a few seconds while I was being shoved on.


The police used the barricade, a few officers lifted it, and start marching with it forward to put it back.  And I got shoved in a few people.


So we then tried to, we got to some mass arrest.  And we tried to run down the fever on Broadway.


But there was a police checkpoint and I didn’t have a work ID, school, or an address.  The only people they are allowing through.


We then had another attempt on a march on Wall Street which was unsuccessful.  We came back to Zuccotti, ah started raining


<male voice on background talks to Tim Pool> <inaudible>


Tim Pool:  Yeah, yeah…  No I saw him with Luke.  Sure, for sure, thanks Man


We came back to Zuccotti raining.  We saw a mass of people just running down the street down here.  Ah the rain cleared up and I took a quick break.


Just across the street there is a march.  We then marched to Union where we met up with the students.


So now the group was around between 3 and 5 thousand people.  We then marched to Foley Square. Where the official NYPD estimates, there were 36,000 at that then, at that time 32,000 people.  And then the latest update was 36,000.


So I was with ah Jim Field the TIME, a TIME cameraman, or I suppose a film-maker and we got to the bridge.  We walked the way all around the park.


The Unions were allowed to cross the pedestrians’ walkway.  Uhm I’m probably forgetting a lot.


But essentially we did saw a bit of back and forth, between the ah, the protesters and the police.  The protestors are being blocked off and forced to walk all the way around City Hall Park.


So I was then waiting for Henry.  Who was in fact with Channel 2 crossing the bridge. And that’s when the stream gave out.


So we were down for 2 1/2 hours.  Then we cleared the problem up.  We got back up, we did a quick update.  With a bit of celebratory update with everyone here.


We held a GA here.  I’m hearing they were holding a GA in Brooklyn on the other side of the bridge.  And now it’s just ah very relaxed.


The other livestream channels are just walking around doing interviews.  I’m losing my voice.  We’ll be back up tomorrow uhm with a group update.


Ah I said it before, I don’t like to keep streaming for the sake of streaming so.  I will do periodic updates.

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