Tim Pool: Occupy Wall Street Broadcasting Live by Time.com


Luke Rudkowski:  Calmed a lot of them down.  Calmed a lot of them down to make them understand there is no honor in beating people up.


There is no honor in abusing females and young people who are trying to make a difference.  Trying to make a better world for everybody, including themselves


Tim Pool:  You know what I saw tonight?


Luke Rudkowski:  huh?


Tim Pool:  When ah, when the police closed off this entire area.  When they were tackling the guy, he lost some teeth I hear, I don’t know if you were aware of it


Luke Rudkowski:  I heard, I heard he was bleeding from his skull


Tim Pool:  His head, his hair, I saw a picture.  I, I put it on the stream.  But I walked past an officer here who had tears streak going out his face.  Ah could it be rain?  But I don’t know but I am not gonna


Luke Rudkowski:  I have been interviewing the, just the Philadelphia retired Captain, police captain.  Ah that came out here with that sign today


Tim Pool:  What was Rayman Lewis?


Luke Rudkowski:  Yes


Tim Pool:  Proudly you see.  I heard that he held his chin high and he refused to move.  They tried encouraging, encouraging that just go.  And they arrested him, he just walked out proudly


Luke Rudkowski:  Exactly and I talked to one of the girls who was arrested with him.  And it was in the paddy wagon.  We went to central Brooklyn down with him.  And she said that all of the police officers, where coming up to him like “We were really happy you are doing this.  I’m so proud of you”


And of course he’s retired.  But I also talked to all the military guys, more military guys who come out today.  But we need to, we need to make a call of action.  We need to do something to put this forward.


Tim Pool:  Well


Luke Rudkowski:  I mean we need to come together.  But it seems like the State wants to survive as it keeps fighting us.


And it’s hard I mean, even hard for myself to understand that, after seeing the brutality of violence that rose, this conduct of human beings.


Uhm people who are sitting there peacefully, who are not even trying to, to hurt anybody


Tim Pool:  Yeah, yeah


Luke Rudkowski:  There’s people who like enjoying the pain and suffering that causes them so


Tim Pool:  Looks like the whole GA is


Luke Rudkowski:  The whole GA disbanded it becomes it become one around


Female voice in background:  What stream is this?


Tim Pool:  ustream.tv/theother99


Female voice in background:  Oh..


Luke Rudkowski:  Yeah the whole GA disbanded


Tim Pool:  Yeah, yeah


Female voice in background:  Do you stream out here full time?


Tim Pool:  pretty much.  It’s getting hard to hold up I’ve been going for a while


Female voice in background:  You need gloves


Tim Pool:  It’s up man, I’m livestreaming, I’m livestreaming you.  I’m ustreaming you livestreaming you


Steve the youtube guy:  Well it sounded like I’m livestreaming you and you’re ustreaming me.  You stream yours and I stream you


Tim Pool:  It created a feedback loop now.  Yeah, yeah, yeah


Luke Rudkowski:  It’s like..  Who has more viewers?  Who has more viewers?  Let me know this right now Tim has been kicking butt


Dwayne Henry:  Tim got more viewers


Luke Rudkowski:  You got to give it up.  I got to give it up to Tim.  Tim has been kicking butt and making all of you guys look so bad


Dwayne Henry:  Oh c’mon


Luke Rudkowski:  You see the technology he got in his?


Dwayne Henry:  his technology


Tim Pool:  It’s online


Luke Rudkowski:   This technology all those battery packs that’s reliable


Dwayne Henry:   that’s how you make it in the game


Steve the youtube guy:  Oh yeah baby battery packs


Male voice in the background:  You have a Ustream face off

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