Tim Pool Interviews Ray Lewis Former Philly Police Captain

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Ray Lewis

Retired Police Captain Raymond Lewis joins the Occupy Wall Street protests.




Tim Pool:  So I’m here with Raymond Lewis



Raymond Lewis:  Yes



Tim Pool:  And ah..



Raymond Lewis:  Former Philadelphia Police Captain.  I retired in 2004.  I’ve been retired for 8 years



Tim Pool: Awesome.  Thank you so much for being here.  Can you?  Can you tell us what happen with the, with your arrest and the action?



Raymond Lewis:  Yeah.  The reason I come here to begin with was, viewing this from my nice comfortable house in the country.


I saw all of you sleeping out here and, and had no bath facility.  And had you know this tarps, this tents made out of tarps.


Night after night, after night you kept it up.  And the cause you were for justice.


It’s not like you guys putting up with this just to get jobs on Wall Street.


You were doing this for justice.  All over the world in fact.


And that inspired me.  That inspired me, I had to come down and join you.


And so when I came down to join you, with that inspiration from you guys.  I joined the protest in Wall Street.


And that day I had no intentions to be arrested, none whatsoever.


But when I saw a lot of you sitting down and being dragged off.


I’m saying they’re losing their freedom for justice, for other people.


And that inspired me again to be arrested.  So I said “Hey I’m gonna be arrested”


I’m gonna tell you a very important thing here.


Ah I had a lot of problems with my life.  A lot of tragic moments in my career.


But when I had those handcuffs on and was being marched with over the protesters in solidarity.


That was the proudest moment in my life.


Alright you guys.



Male voice in the background:  Wow (claps) <whistles>



Tim Pool:  Thank you so much, thank so much



Raymond Lewis:  Thanks



Tim Pool:  So that was retired Philadelphia Captain Raymond Lewis who you heard the story ah from his own, from him.


So really inspirational, really inspirational.  Thank you everyone watching.  Were gonna have this highlight up.






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