Occupy Everywhere Lecture Naomi Klein Michael Moore The New School


Crowd:  (claps & cheers)



Richard Kim:  So…  Patrick, Patrick you were one of the organizers who has been there from the 1st day.  One of the people that lit this incredible spark.


And ah we’re just all incredibly grateful to you and…  But you’ve been in there for a long time now.  And, and you’ve seen a lot of struggles inside the movement, and you’ve endured uhm…


First, the ridicule and name calling as Michael said.  And, and it’s always the threat of Police.  And now the treat of winter.


Uhm so if you could give some advice, you know to other Occupations who, who are maybe starting off a little later…


Or to students of grassroots movements, who will be studying you, and you are movements, you know in generations to come.


What, what would you say?  Uhm what advise would you give about why this has worked so well?


Patrick Bruner:  Uhm I think there are many reasons that it has worked.  Uhm you know obviously we have a great history behind us.


Uhm Tahrir Square, uhm the Indignados in Spain, ah these are movements that are you know very, very similar to our movement.  You know the way that we are organized.


Direct democracy, the egalitarian values.  These are, these are things that we think deserve to be central in every movement.


We think that’s the big reason why we have been successful is that our tactics and our values, and our goals.  They’re all the same.


And you know, we obviously, this has to do with a, a break in the way that we view the world.  85% of the class of 2011 moved backed in with their parents.  That’s something that, you know has never happened before.


We have youth who were aware that their future has been stolen, because that’s true, that’s true.


And we have everyone else who, who’s watching that and who sees that the youth’s future has been stolen, and believes that their future has been stolen as well.


You know the Tea Party comes from the same mindset as we do, you know.  Although we have many differences.


You know ,those are people who had legitimate grievances against this, this system that they had tried to work for their entire lives, then it ended up screwing them.


And you know that’s, that’s been going on with my generation.


We have ah kids who have massive amounts of student debt, and they’re you know gonna carry that for the rest of their lives possibly you know.  Ah not if we have anything to do with it but.



Crowd:  (claps & cheers)


Patrick Bruner:  You know and so, so my biggest advice would be to, you know.  Realize that we are part of something new.  But that we have come from a long tradition of resistance against this system.


Resistance against systems of oppression in all forms.  Because that’s, that’s what were really doing.


This isn’t in many ways you know, like you said.  This isn’t a movement like other movements have been.


This isn’t a protest.  This is a way of making a new space.  We have taken Liberty Square.  We have renamed it and we have rebuilt it, into something that we believe is a better model.


Maybe it’s not perfect, maybe it’s not what will come out of this with.  But it’s a way to at least start a discussion.


A real discussion about all the things that ail us in a daily basis.  The things that are never really discussed.


Like you said before this, you know the biggest discussion in American politics was whether or not to raise the Debt Ceiling for the hundred and third time.


You know now we don’t talk about things like that.  Now we are starting to talk about wealth and equality.  We are starting to talk about greed.


You know we, we had fun looking at Google Trends and seeing that words like that have gone up in usage a thousand times.

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