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Uhm its enough right now that this movement just.  First of all it’s already has, it’s already had so important victories.  It has alleviated despair in this country.



Crowd:  (claps)



Michael Moore:  It has, it has killed apathy.  It has changed the conversation in a profound way.  Seven ah Eight weeks ago, all we were listening to was all about the Debt Ceiling and the Deficit Crisis.


In all do you know, nobody is talking about that distraction any longer.  They’re talking about the real issues now that are facing the majority of Americans… jobs.


The fact that millions of homes are underwater.  That 50 million people have no health insurance.  We have 49 million living in poverty now.


We have 40 million adults who cannot read & write of above the 4th grade level, they’re functional illiterates.


That’s the nation that corporate America and theBanks in Wall Street have created.  And when somebody asked me the other day.


“Well who organized this?  Who organized this movements?” 


Well I said “Well actually Goldman Sacs organized it…



Crowd:  (laughs)



Michael Moore“Citibank organized it, BP organized it.”


They did the organization and, and I think that you know…  It’s, if you wanna trace the current roots to this?


Somebody was being interviewed the other day.  Well in the end of your last movie.  You were wrapping the crime scene tape around the Stock Exchange.


And you called for this uprising.  No, yes I did, but you know it’s not that.  It’s not a magazine from Vancouver.


Its not…  If, if you want it.  If you really want to pin it down to somebody.  Uhm I would thank Bradley Manning and here’s why?



Crowd:  (claps & cheers)



Michael Moore:  Uhm a young man with a fruit stand in Tunis became very upset.


Because he couldn’t figure out why he was just getting screwed.   And why he couldn’t make it. And, and he read a story put out by WikiLeaks that exposed how corrupt his government was.


And he just couldn’t take it anymore and he set himself on fire.


That event by giving his life to this created the Arab Spring Movement that went across the Middle East and then boomerang back here.


Uhm to what is been going on in the Fall here in North America.  And uhm but if one courageous soldier hadn’t “allegedly” uhm done what he had done.


If, if he hadn’t done this…  It, it, who knows?  But it was, it was already boiling just beneath the surface, and it just needed somebody to get it going.


And thank God for you and your friends, who went down there on the 1st day who endured the ridicule first, then the attacks.


Uhm and then the attempts to Co-Opt.  Uhm but they have held strong.


And, and, and its not, now just people who can camp out overnight.  It’s, it’s 72% of the American public who say they want taxes raised on the rich.


That’s never happened before in this country.  It, it’s, it’s people taken their money out of Chase, Citibank and Wells Fargo.  And putting it in their Credit Unions



Crowd:  (claps)



Michael Moore:  Its, its, its, its taken so many forms…  Uhm that it can’t be stopped.  It’s so, it’s so great to watch Fox News and others try to wrap their heads around it.


Cause they cant get their brain quite, they cant grab on to it, which is great.  That’s what, that’s what it.  So I’m. I’m a big supporter of its staying leaderless, uhm with a lack of certain amount of organization (laughs).


Ah, ah. that it uhm.  that it remain in its, in its free and open state and uhm… thank God for all the young people who are willing to not take it anymore.  And ah I’ve just been inspired by it.


And uhm, I’m glad that I got to live to see ah, what I believe and hope ah… will be the, the beginning of the end of a very evil system.  Uhm that is unfair and it’s unjust, and it’s not democratic.  So thank you.

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