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Crowd:  (claps & cheers)



Michael Moore:  And in September, for the 1st time the polls showed, that 54% of your, of your, your fellow Americans.


54% now believe that Gay marriage should be the law of the land.


The entire country.  That’s the America you live in.  That’s your America.



Crowd:  (claps & cheers)



Michael Moore:  So don’t, don’t think of this country as you know, out there pass the Hudson River.


And it gets really… and then you get to the Pennsylvania border and it’s really dark.. forests and crazy people…



Crowd:  (laughs)



Michael Moore:  Uhm and yes there are crazy people.


There could be at least 50 million of them for all I know.


But it’s a big country that means 250 million aren’t crazy.


It means your fellow Americans you know the great thing about this movement is that unlike past movements.  The Feminists movementThe Civil Rights movement.


You know we have now, look at the polls this week.  I mean depending which one you read.


The National Journal said 59% of Americans agree in principle with what Occupy Wall Street stands for.


Uhm and there are many polls where the numbers go up and down.  But it’s all ahead of:  Do you like Occupy Wall Street or do you like Wall Street?



Crowd:  (laughs)



Michael Moore:  And there’s no poll where there’s not like a 2 to 1 margin for that.  So that’s the count-.


This new movement already has the majority of Americans with it.  That you could not say that at the beginning of the Feminist movement.


Even in the 60′s right, they didn’t have 59% of the American people with that.


59% of the American people weren’t for civil rights in 1954.


59% of the American people or against the Vietnam War in 1964 in 65.


It took years didn’t it for those movements to succeed.  This movement already has the backing, the, the gut check feeling of the majority of your our fellow Americans.


So we don’t have to do that hard work of trying to convince them come to our side.


They’re on our side.  They’re already here.  And we’re with them.


We’re on their side.  So this is a great.


The, the fertile ground that is now exists.  The possibilities of what you can do uhm are endless.


And I encourage you to be creative.


And to think of what you can do with the occupy movement because you’re all, you’ve all been appointed leaders and spokespeople of this movement.


Because everybody in this room.  Everybody in this room has a story to tell, of what life has been like for the last decade or two, or three.


And you need to tell those stories.  Do not think that Michael Moore or Naomi Klein, or the people camped out in Liberty Square are going to be your spokespeople, We’re not.


You have to be your spokespeople.  We’re all going to do this together and there is no stopping this.


So thank you for being here.  And go out and do the work that needs to be done.  Thank you!



Crowd:  (claps & cheers)



Richard Kim:  Thank you.  Here’s to no longer being alone.  And here is to our wonderful panel this evening.  Thank you for coming everybody!



Crowd:  (claps & cheers)



Michael Moore:  Occupy!



Crowd:  (claps & cheers)

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