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The whole thing we’re screwed.


It’s all, it’s, it’s all of this need to really…  Just try optimism.   Just try being optimistic about this



Crowd:  (claps & cheers)



Michael Moore:  Even if, even if it.  It won’t kill you first of all.  I can tell you it won’t kill.


I, I…  I just had my first tomato about 3 years ago.  I swear to God I’ve never eaten a tomato and it didn’t kill me.


And I was like you know and I had a second one, and I had a 3rd one.  And I but I got to eat.


I had to try that first one and so I’m encouraging you to try a different method.  And to, and to learn from uhm, uhm the kids.


‘Cause the kids are alright (laughs)



Crowd:  (claps)



Michael Moore:  And…  the ah… and, and let me just give you 2 or 3 practical things that maybe you can do, when you leave here


Again let me just say.  You because there is no leader of this movement.


And that everyone is a leader in this movement.


And that, and that, you know we referred to Patrick here as being from Occupy Wall Street.


But he’ll be the first to tell you.  That you’re from Occupy Wall Street.  Just by the fact you are here tonight.  So we’re all Occupy Wall Street.


And when you go home tonight, if you live a block away from here, you know tomorrow morning you can start Occupy 13th street.


You know you can just go down the block, talk to your neighbours.  And you can figure out what, what could Occupy 13th St. do?


Maybe, maybe it’s again.  Maybe we need to cut up our credit cards.  Maybe we need to join the credit union.


If you need a credit card you get one through them.  Maybe it’s the candidate that’s running for office, ah for congress in this next election.


13th Street demands that whoever is running for the US Congress not take a dime of money from the Banks or from Wall Street.


You know Occupy Wall, Occupy 13th street says so



Crowd:  (claps & cheers)



Michael Moore:  But, but you can do this.  If you’re watching this tonight.


If you’re in Debuque.  If you’re in Des Moines.


If you’re in whatever it may begins with a D (laughs)



Crowd:  (laughs)


Michael Moore:  Your (laughs) well ah.  Yes that’s another.  Detroit has been occupied (laughs) and is ready to occupy.


But ah, but it’s, it you have this power and I think our biggest obstacle actually is that.


The sense of that we are alone and the loneliness that people have felt for so long that you live in this town or in this block.


You’re in the PTA at school.  You think you’re the only one.  You just got to sit there and listen to this whatever.


But your, but I wanna tell you tonight is that:  You’re not the only ones.


That the America you live in is full of people.  Just like you who’ve been going to the same struggles you’ve been going through and who feel the same way that you feel.


This is not a conservative country.  This is not a Republican country.  This is a liberal progressive country.


And I am not just saying that for purposes of rhetoric.  I’m stating a fact.


I’m stating an absolute fact.


You go down the list of the issues on virtually every issue other than the Death Penalty and maybe one other.


The American public comes down on the liberal progressive side of these issues, every single issue.


The majority of your fellow Americans have been opposed to these wars now for the last few years.


The majority of Americans wants stronger environmental laws not weaker ones.


Every poll shows this.


The majority of Americans believe Women should be paid the same as Men.  That’s a liberal progressive issue!

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