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And so it’s very much our duties to carry this forward.  To make sure that this doesn’t stop.


Because if, if this is Liberty Square that can be stopped.


But this right here, talking about these ideas.  Making these ideas reality.  As long as we make sure that, that doesn’t stop.  We will keep winning



Crowd:  (claps & cheers)



Richard Kim:  Naomi, Naomi.  Did you or Bill?  Did you wanna address you know that, that question?


What do you think this would be the biggest obstacle is?  And what can people do now when they leave here?



(William) Bill Greider:  Moi?



Richard Kim:  I’m asking this of all of you



(William) Bill Greider:  I just mentioned uhm and I repeat my sappy mushy American confidence.


I think people.  Americans are capable they, they can answer these questions pretty much by themselves.


But I just mentioned out of our past again.  The populous in a few short years had alliances in every county through a dozen states.


They elected some governors.  They elected some senators.  They had a bunch of members in that House of Representatives.


But to get there they didn’t start in politics.  In fact they resisted going into politics.  They started by educating themselves in conversation.


And by the, at the peak of that movement.  They had, they had lecturers in every congressional district.  Who are just people who understood the agenda and understood the arguments over the agenda, and we go to meetings and explain them the people.


They had something live 40,000 lecturers in the country at the height of the movement.  They had their own newspapers.


One of which is called The National Economist which was the authority on reforming monetary policy.  This is way before the Federal Reserve was created.


And their ideas were let pushed aside by the Banking community since they didn’t want democratic money.  They didn’t get it. It was the Fed.


But they had a group called the National Reform Press Association.  Who are some of which were little ragtag weekly newspapers that sometimes didn’t make it to the stand.


But they had Larry Goodwyn wrote “The only thing that united this reform journalist was their poverty”


And that’s, and that’s what we have to look for now.  The only thing that needs unite us now, is that sense that we’ve expressed tonight again and again.


The spirit that this is not the country we wanted, and it’s not the country we will endure.


We will change this country and go with that.  Without worrying about who defines it when.



Crowd:  (claps & cheers)



Male voice in the crowd:  (inaudible)


Richard Kim:  I’m sorry we’re gonna, were gonna proceed with the panel.  You could, you could…  There’s gonna be a time if you want to come back afterwards to ask panellists questions.  Thank you



Naomi Klein:  Uhm I think the biggest obstacle is our, our own bad habits.  It’s just falling back on our, on our habits.  Which are pretty much fear based.


Because I think that uhm, like I said in the beginning.  This is a thrilling moment, but it’s also a terrifying moment.


I mean if you…  If the task is to figure out.  How to reign in the femoral global capitalism?  Let alone transform it okay.


Let alone doing what we need to do, to actually deal not just deal with the economic crisis but the ecological crisis which means to challenge the entire ideology of endless growth, and acting as if we can grow forever on a finite planet.


I mean nobody ever figured out how to do this right?  So we have to start with the premise we are in uncharted territory.


I mean we can draw little bits of inspiration and say you know?  Argentina defaulted on their debt.  That was good.


Iceland’s doing some interesting things.  But actually on the global scale in terms of what were talking about in the belly of the beast.  No it’s never been done.

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