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Michael Moore:  I just want to just echo it.  What Bill said about uhm students?


Uhm it’s a crime that ah we sent 22 year olds.  Not out into the world but into a debtor’s prison.


You’re in a virtual debtor’s prison from the minute they leave school.  And, and what that leads to you know?  A very crushing blow to them personally.


But I just want to say a word about on how to fix this society.


Uhm if you know?  If our young people are not allowed in their youth to explore, ah to experiment, to discover.


I mean this is.  I’m just, I wonder what, what’s the next great invention that we’re not getting with them?  Or what cure?  Or what, what piece of culture?  What music?


You know the things young people used to do.  The things that when they, when they were.  When they didn’t have.  When they weren’t settled with this debt.


Uhm they did things, they created things and it moved the society along. It made things better for people.  And I wonder what we’re missing out on.


Uhm from what great genius idea or mind, or whatever is that sitting there tonight more concerned about how to make this month’s loan payment.


Ah something that they got to worry about the next some of them for the next 20 years or longer.


And it, it, it ah, I think affects all of us in ah, and I agree with you.


I just think that’s such a great idea.  I think that’s one idea that would resonate with so many Americans.


Uhm because everybody wants their kids to be able to go out into life, uhm not in a debtor’s prison.  And I think that, that people will really, would really respond to that.


I think more ideas like that (coughs) will uhm, will help build this tsunami against Wall Street and the banks



Crowd:  (claps)



Richard Kim:  I…  so I’m gonna ask.  I’m gonna ask a final question.  But, but we are gonna go down the line and I hope you could weave whatever you’re gonna say to this.


And this is a sort of amalgam of questions.  But I think this is a good one to end on.


Uhm which is when you’re down there at Liberty Square you feel incredibly powerful.  It’s an amazing feeling right.


Then you walk a few blocks away and it’s like people coming home from Wall Street.  Going to Center 21 look for shoes, shopping, you know.


Uhm and you start to feel lonely right.  Uhm so, so here’s a question.


What is the biggest problem or obstacle facing the Occupy Movement now?


What is it?


What’s preventing it from growing even bigger?


What can we do about it when we leave here today?


Uhm so Patrick I’m gonna ask you to take that first



Patrick Bruner:  Sure.  Uhm okay well this is gonna sound a little confusing probably at first.


But I think the biggest problem is Liberty Square.  I think the biggest problem is the fact that.


People think that that’s where the Occupation of Wall Street happens.


That’s not where it happens.  It happens wherever you choose that it happens



Crowd:  (claps)



Patrick Bruner:  And so Michael was talking about how 2 people together making occupation.  One person by themselves makes an occupation.


You know this isn’t something that should stop at Liberty Square.  This isn’t something that once your town has a single occupation you should stop at.


This should turn into neighbourhood assemblies.  This should turn on occupying you know where you work.  Sit down strikes for everyone.


And this is the reality that we’re facing.  If we don’t start to really, really, really change things.  You know we’re not going to be able to ever.


You know that’s we’re getting to that moment.  You know the ship is gonna leave. Like, like you said.


And I think everyone here is on board that ship already, or most of us at least.

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