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Richard Kim:  Rinku go ahead



Rinku Sen: Just ah, just a couple of quick thing I mean.  Uhm you know I don’t want to be with that white couple because I think I need them to win.


It’s clear that I don’t need them to win.  We people of color are rapidly becoming the absolute majority in this country, certainly in the lower, in the newer generations that’s more and more true.


But I think I need to be able to relate to them, because they are my neighbours.


Because whatever I build they’re gonna be there.  And ah we’re gonna be there move forward really in this antagonistic ah relationship, or in a move forward uhm in a more together way.


Am I gonna get all of them?  No absolutely not.  But it seems important to try to get as many as, as possible…



Michael Moore:  Yeah you get as many as you can



Rinku Sen: uhm right.  If there is a way and then run yeah.  But they might make good pot roast in which I might want the recipe



Crowd:  (laughs)



Rinku Sen: Uhm but the…



Michael Moore:  (inaudible)



Rinku Sen: (laughs) but sorry



Crowd:  (claps & cheers)



Rinku Sen: I’m so not a vegetarian



Richard Kim:  We can put them on the bicycles at least you know



Crowd:  (laughs)



Rinku Sen: And then the thing is, there is a way for the 400 to control, to change the 1 person 1 vote thing.


And that’s called voter suppression.  It happens all the time.


It happened last just 2 days ago on Tuesday.  We got Voter ID laws now in many states, too many states.


And the Federal government, the department of justice has decided not to challenge Voter ID laws.


The ones that say you must have a driver’s license or your birth certificate in order to show up and vote. So ah, so I just think you know, truimphalism I…


I’m so into this moment I, I’m more excited that I have been in a long time.  But I think that we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves.


There is a lot of work yet still to do everyday in every part of the country.  And uhm and we just have to do it I think more than think about what’s coming.


Just, just do the work everyday, and worry not so much about how we’re gonna win.  Whether we’re gonna win?  When we’re gonna win?  We’re going to win if we do the work.



Crowd:  (claps & cheers)



Richard Kim:  So I have a.  There’s been a question for Bill and Naomi coming up that’s a whopper.


But I wanna, I wanna get Patrick.  We have to ask you this because it’s very important and I wanna make sure we have time for this.


Question to you.  How are you going to weather the winter at Liberty Square and how can we help you?



Patrick Bruner:  Will answer the, the… I will answer that very sort of quickly.


You can help us by ah going to OccupyWallST.org/donate .


We have ah donation links for every single Occupation.  It’s very important that we feel that you don’t just focus on us.


We have $500,000 there are places that don’t have very much money at all.


But we also have ah you know.  Things that you can actually buy and send to us which is I think is preferable.  Uhm tents and so forth.  But Igloos aren’t illegal



Crowd:  (laughs)



Patrick Bruner:  So there is always that.  But



Michael Moore:  Is it true?  I heard that there is some people came from Occupy Anchorage ah to provide some consultation.  On how to do winter ah, and I heard


I don’t know if this is true?  But I heard that there’s an ice company in New Jersey that is actually offered that if you wanna build igloos.  They’ll provide the ice for these igloos.

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