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Or she might have said “those blacks and immigrants now they can just get all the welfare that they want” 


And ah you know, as someone who’s worked on racial justice for 25 years now.  It makes me very nervous to think about purely local control.


Because purely local control for people of color has quite often meant that you went to segregated schools, and you couldn’t get a job, and your housing was substandard and nobody would do anything about it.


So people of color have needed the Federal government in particular and to have some Federal standards.  So that local control didn’t amount to…


Crowd:  (claps)


Rinku Sen: us having our labor and our housing, and our food, and our whatever little goodies we have stolen.


And so it seems to me you know.  I like my government, I want it back.


And I don’t want to give it up to somebody who thinks that the only role of government is to make the 1% richer and to take other people’s stuff for that 1%.


So I think that we have to have a uhm, we have to do a couple of things.


One is ah, in the public will building project that were all now a part of since we all Occupy Everything.


Uhm, In that public will project we need to be able to explain to that white lady who thought that there was absolutely nothing that she had in common with me.


That uhm it’s the same government that allowed that Union to be easily decertified.


That also actually took away the welfare not just from people of color but from white people too.  Mostly white people who really needed it.


And it’s that same government that we need to get back in order to protect working people of all colors.



Crowd:  (claps)



Rinku Sen: So I’m not quite ready ah… I’m not ready to uhm, I think the government we have now is not the government that we need to have.  And it’s not the one that we must have.


I think changing it is entirely possible.  I feel so much more hopeful about that now that I did 2 or 3 months ago.  So thank you very much


But we have to have a discussion about the government that doesn’t just reinforce its ah crappiness you know.


Because that, that reinforcement just makes wider openings for Libertarians.


And I don’t think that Libertarianism and Anarchism are the same thing right?


Anarchism is about self-governance and elevating. Elevating people’s ability to be in community and work things out.


Where as Libertarianism is every man for himself and your just totally on your own.


So I, I try to draw a line of distinctions between those two things.  And I think that for people of color in particular, and also for working people.


You’ve to have some form governments that is about protecting us.  Ah from having all of our stuff taken.



Crowd:  (claps & cheers)



Richard Kim:  Yeah Michael



Crowd:  (claps & cheers)



Michael Moore:  I just wanna add ah.  I just wanna add a couple of points to that.  The Tea Party as it exists now is a Koch Brothers founded ah…



Crowd:  (claps & cheers)



Michael Moore:  you know group.  It’s not the Tea Party at the beginning that may have had the number of well intended working Americans concerned about what was going on after the crash.


But it quickly morphed into a racial thing uhm, uhm very much against Obama.


And uhm so it’s very hard to talk ah to this people.  But uhm you know Thanksgiving is coming up and you all have a conservative brother in law.



Crowd:  (laughs)



Michael Moore:  Uhm there’s someone in your family that’s a Republican and you’re gonna be sitting at the same table.


And so let me just make a quick suggestion what you can do, ah to help build the movement.  I learned it basically by being down at Liberty Square and talking to this Ron Paul people (laughs).

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