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You know we have these large financial institutions that are essentially running our money.


And you know as long as that’s the case.  As long as they’re running our Campaign Finances well.  You know were never gonna win anything.


We, we elected Obama I think a lot of people in this room probably helped with that



Crowd:  (claps)


Patrick Bruner:  And he, he had more donations from Wall Street than any other candidate ever.  And you know we, we elected a person who ran on change and hope.


And now I don’t, I don’t, I don’t have, I don’t see too much change and I don’t have too much hope for him.



Crowd:  (claps)



Patrick Bruner:  And so you know, I think that what we’re seeing is a rejection of this political binary.


But also just the entire way of doing things.  You know this, this representation from other individuals.


As long as their more influenced by the money that comes into the system.  Than they are to the voices that come into the system.


Or the votes that come into the system.  Which are the way things are right now  we, we cant use the government.


And now is the failure of the Tea Party.  They had ah, a soapbox to, to make their, you know their voices heard.


And then as soon as they joined up with this institutionalized party, their voices were immediately silenced and place by the same chorus Republican you know, ideology that has, has existed for, for many years in the party.


So I, you know again this is my personal opinion.  You know nothing I say up here reflect to the movement as a whole.


But I think personally that’s something we very, very worried about becoming the Tea Party.



Crowd:  (claps)



Richard Kim:  Rinku to you.  What about?  What about this, this sort of Tea Party alliance that, that some people salivating?


You know I think one of the signal polls for me early on.  Was, was when you polled Tea Party people.


Uhm great majority of them said “The government is making too much of the problems of African-Americans”


Uhm, is this?  Is this the kind of movement that can join with Occupy Movements?



Rinku Sen:  All these talk about the Tea Party, it really reminds of this thing that happened, that I experienced actually about 10 years ago.


Ah it was New Years Eve and I was going to a party that was a pot luck.  I had gone to the grocery store to buy a pot roast.


‘Cause I was gonna make pot roast which I think is the most American piece of meat you could possibly buy at the butcher shop.


So I’m standing in a Safeway in California, I’m by the meat, looking at all the meat.  And there two white people middle-age white people standing next to me.


And I guess that the Union that have been in that grocery store has just been de-certified and lost.  The workers had lost their Union.


And the white woman was saying, telling the story to the white man and saying it’s you know.  She was really angry about it and she said its really messed up that happened, and we lost our Union.


And you know, I’m like nosier than I should be.  I’m sure and I, I eavesdrop a lot, ‘cause I was an organizer and a journalist.  So I like to listen to everything.


And so I’m overhearing them standing they’re like where Naomi is.  And so I butted in and I said


“Listen I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation and I’ve done a lot of work with Unions overtime.  And I just wondered what, which Union was it?  Was it the United Food and Commercial Workers or was it someone else?”


And neither one of them answered me.  But the woman looked at me, she looked at me but she spoke to her friend, and she said “But now those blacks and latinos

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