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Crowd:  (laughs)



Michael Moore:  I mean they are even using the language now.  They are so frightened by this.  Bank of America had to get rid of their shitty $5 dollar debit card fee



Crowd:  (claps & cheers)



Michael Moore:  They are like…  They’re running so fast they don’t know.  They can, they you know.  Because they created this, you know.


They created all the pain and suffering.  Because it’s their boot that is on the necks of the American people, in the Canadian people, and most of the people in this world.


It’s that they know, that they feel now that we can buy candidates.  Yes we can buy candidates.  I know but we can’t go in the booth and put our hands in everybody’s lever.


I know, I know okay.  Well we just we’ll, we’ll feed them with a lot of nonsense on TV and that will get them afraid, and we’ll make their schools like so crappy, that, that they will be ignorant, and they won’t know when we’re trying to manipulate them with fear


Crowd:  (claps & laughs)


Michael Moore:  And you know this is how we’ll do it.  And (laughs)… and…



Crowd:  (claps & cheers)



Michael Moore:  (laughs)  I just love, I just wish I can be in their bedrooms tonight (laughs)



Crowd:  (claps & laughs)



Michael Moore:  Many of them are in Connecticut and they’re not far away…



Crowd:  (laughs)



Michael Moore:  If anybody’s watching?  I just want to be in of their bedrooms tonight.  Just why they just have gotten, they’ve just got to, they’ve just got to be so frightened by this



Richard Kim:  Occupy Greenwich right



Crowd:  (laughs)



Michael Moore:  Well it’s, art is long.  You know art bills so right.  You know Bill is such a warrior for trying to keep the bare threads of our democracy that are still there intact.  And there aren’t many left.


We are really just hanging on by a few of these threads.  And, and, if, if one of those threads is 1 person 1 vote.  And so they can’t really do anything about that.


And we can you know, oh they can buy the votes.  But listen every, to take our lessons you mentioned all the previous movements in historic, the historical implications of this.


I mean the Women Suffrage Movement that started in this State, ah in the 1840′s.  Ah imagine the mountain that they had to climb?.


You know people didn’t sit around going “Oh how are we gonna get this amendment passed?  Cause we can’t vote”



Crowd:  (laughs)



Michael Moore:  I mean seriously no woman was ever to be able to vote, for their right to vote.


I mean that’s just.  That must have seem like the most impossible task



Crowd:  (laughs)


Michael Moore:  So we, what’s great about.  What’s great this movement is



Crowd:  (claps & cheers)



Michael Moore:  What’s great about this movement is that we have to get out of our, our victim role.


You know this is why the word.  The concept of Occupy.


Because Occupy until 7 weeks ago was really a dirty word. Because we knew what it meant.


Those lands that are occupied by us in the Middle East.  The West Bank and Gaza by another country, you know?  It’s like that’s Occupation.



Crowd:  (claps & cheers)



Michael Moore:  Occupation is a dirty word.  And you have taken this, and have all of us.


All of us who are part of this we turned it on completely on its ear.  And now we’ve owned the word.  And it’s not like, it not like “Oh what I wanna, what are we gonna do?”


And it’s like “No we’ve occupied you now.  We occupied the Washington Post.  We occupied the Wall Street Journal.”


And that’s how, that’s how this is gonna go.  But I just please wanna second pls. what Naomi said “That this is the No kidding around moment”

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