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Uhm so you have this complete ah, this complete split where 70 – 75% of Democrats and Independents believe climate change is real.   And almost no Republicans believe that it’s real.  And so why there is this ideological split?


If you listen to the climate change deniers.  They believe this because they have looked at what science demands.


They’ve looked at the level of emissions cuts that science demands.  80% or more by 2050.


And they have said “You can’t do that within our current economic model.  This is a socialist plot.” 


Their entire ideology ah, which is Laze Fair government.  A tax on the public’s fear, uhm privatization, cuts to social spending.  All of that.


None of it can survive, actually, reckoning with the climate science.  Because once you reckon with the climate science you obviously have to do something.


You have to intervene strongly in the economy.  You have to invest massively in the public’s fear along the lines that I was just talking about these huge investments in infrastructure.


Uhm but, but at the same time just because your investing in infrastructure doesn’t mean that you can say that that the transit system should be accountable to the people who ride it, right?


Because I think that, uhm you know this has been one of the great failures of the Left.  Is, is, is not understanding that State power can be just as alienating and just as corrupt, uhm as corporate power.


And we, we, we have to learn those lessons of the past.



Crowd:  (claps)



Richard Kim:  I mean similar question to you Michael.  You, you’ve made about the most compelling case for the single pair of healthcare that I could, that I could imagine.


You know, why isn’t that a demand that Occupy Wall Street should make?


I mean what, what is that you know?


What do you see that role of this movement in fighting for this things that, that would require you know Federal government, massive federal government intervention?



Michael Moore:  I think that will happen.  I, I think we’re watching them.  We’re in the infancy of this movement and uhm and it will grow, and that would happen.


I’m I have no doubts about that.  I think uhm… uhm the majority of the people in America would like that.


And uhm, and uhm healthcare uhm in the same way ah,  Naomi was talking about uhm, uhm the environmental issues.


In terms on how that impacts the economy.  Uhm I think that ah, I think that that’s, I think that’s just its all gonna happen



Crowd:  (laugh)



Michael Moore:  But (laughs)… I, I and you can play this tape back in about 2 years.  Because this is gonna move very fast.


This is one of these things where you know?  The parts of the discussion we are having tonight is you know, trying to figure it out.


And, and uhm Malcom Gladwell’s point was well taken in his book The Tipping Point that uhm, you can’t create a tipping point.


It just happens and uhm, and people have tried to figure out how to do that.  And, and they put their marketing head together and it doesn’t work.


So I think that uhm, that this, that…  If I remember the Adbusters call uhm.  One of the things that they said “That the movement have to have 1 demand. Just come together with just get together in the park and then, and then come up with 1 demand.”



Crowd:  (laughs)



Michael Moore:  And the hell was such a crazy idea (laughs



Crowd:  (laughs)



Michael Moore:  It’s like it would have killed the whole thing.  It would have absolutely killed it.  If this because, because they are so frightened about this movement now.


I mean that media with the Republican debate last night, it was brought up 2 or 3 times.  The Republican presidential candidate.


One of the candidates sad to say “I’m part of the 99%.  I’m for the”

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