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Richard Kim:  Bill


(William) Bill Greider:  Something miraculous about that.  And Larry Goodwyn who’s taught me so much says: “This is hard to do. Movements fai. Most do not reach their goals, but they begin…”  on what he likes to call “democratic conversation”


And I don’t even ask him what he means by that?  Because he has said to me not always, but in a couple of occasion.  “We just had a democratic conversation” and I think “Damn”


Richard Kim:  And Bill I wanna ask, I wanna ask Naomi about, about building that, that different future.


Uhm Naomi in your Nation story you argue, uhm the horror response to climate change is fundamentally an economic issue. It’s not just an environmental one.


Uhm and you write that quote “The real solutions to the climate crisis are also our best for building a much more aligned economic system.  One that closes deep inequalities, strengthens and transforms the public spherage, generates plentiful dignified work and radically reigns in corporate power.”


And you end, with quite you know, a beautiful section about how the Occupiers themselves are already modelling that, that kind of work.


What, what do you see here as some of the potentials?  Uhm because its one thing we were discussing this the other day.


It’s one thing to stop something or overthrow a dictator.  But it’s quite another to build an alternative to Neo-liberal capitalism.


Also the one that’s going to be the solution to climate change.  What, what do you see here is as, as the tools to build right, this new economy a new society?



Naomi Klein:  Okay uhm I will answer that question (laughs)



Richard Kim:  (laughs)



Naomi Klein:  But first I just wanna say how wonderful it is to be here and just what a fantastic panel this has been so far



Crowd:  (claps & cheers)



Naomi Klein:  Uhm this such, such just incredible richness of experience uhm here and, and you know for me there’s a real mix of emotions in it.


I mean it’s so incredible to hear this, to heal Michael Moore say he’s never seen anything like this in his lifetime or to have Bill Grieder draw these parallels with transformative movements of  the past.


But at the same time I don’t know if you feel this too, is also frightening.


‘Cause I mean it, it is uhm it underlines the, the awesome uhm responsibility of this political moment.  Uhm this is the no kidding around moment.


So much is riding on it and we have to succeed.  And uhm and that is thrilling as well as terrifying.  Uhm but, but it’s, but I think these are wonderful emotions.


I think we are winning.  We are starting to win.  And I, I feel that particularly keenly today.


And this relates to Richard’s question about climate change.  Because uhm I’ve, I’ve been processing this uhm, this thing’s that happened that I don’t, I don’t quite recognize that it is a strange feeling for me.


But we actually won something today.  And I’m really not used to that (laughs)



Crowd:  (claps & cheers)



Naomi Klein:  Uhm…  just a few hours ago the White House announced that it is going to have a new environment review for the Keystone-Exxon pipeline# (laughs)



Crowd:  (claps & cheers)



Naomi Klein:  The…  that review is going to take at least a year.  Uhm and the company that wants to build the, the Keystone XL pipeline TransCanada has said that it can’t handle another delay.  Uhm that their investors will lose faith.  Ah you know investors don’t like economic uncertainty.



Crowd:  (claps & cheers)



Naomi Klein:  Uhm and they’ve already dealt with a lot.  The review is going to be looking at uhm, at, at re-routing the pipeline around the Ogallala Aquifer.


And TransCanada has also said they can’t re-route it around the aquifer and still have this project be economically feasible.


So okay it’s not the victory that we wanted.  We wanted Obama to kill the pipeline because of what the pipeline is carrying which transient dirty oil.

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