Naomi Wolf What happened AFTER she got arrested Video


Ah we were supposed to be taken to the 1st Precinct.  Uhm and that the one that use what governs on Hudson St. where we were arrested.


But they got a call that the protesters have gone to the 1st Precinct with the lawyers of the National Lawyers Guild. Where gonna help us and meet us, you know represent us.


And so they detoured the police.  Detoured across town to the 7th Precinct and misled the protesters about our whereabouts.  Which was very disturbing.


Because in America, you know prisoners even for a little while are not supposed to be un-accounted for.


Keith Olberman:  Disappear


Naomi Wolf:  Disappear.  Even more disturbing.  We learned that when the protesters arrived in Ericsson St. where the First Amendment,  First Amendment was slipped huh (laughs)


Keith Olberman:  (laughs)


Naomi Wolf:  Where the 1st Precinct is.  Uhm it was blocked off and, and they say…


What’s going on?  They didn’t let any protestors or lawyer through.  But they let people in business suits through.


And NYPD said Homeland Security has frozen Ericsson St.  So to me as an American.  As a New Yorker.  This is very big news for reasons I don’t have to explain to you.


A Federal Agency can, just because 2 middle aged, you know…  couch potato intellectuals not disobeying the law.  You know they can freeze a New York City street.


Keith Olberman:  But even if they were freezing it.


And, and, and the name was merely invoked.


That its own problem.  If, if, if a city police department is invoking this shadowy national entity


Naomi Wolf: Exactly


Keith Olberman:  That becomes an own threat to the First Amendment and Freedom of Assembly and all the rest.


Naomi Wolf:  Keith you’re completely right.  And what baffles me is…


Where is the New York Times investigating this?  Where are local newspapers?  Where’s the national newspaper?


Because you block.  You let Homeland Security block off.  We didn’t say Homeland Security blocked off one street.


They could cordon off downtown Chicago tomorrow.  And it’s not like weapons of mass destruction or national disaster.


Its you know 2 random people standing on the sidewalk.  Being the excuse to closed down our civil society.  So there is another really scary thing.


If you want me to keep scaring you.  But this is scary for all of us.


Keith Olberman:  Absolutely


Naomi Wolf:  It is not what happened to me and to my partner, that is the worrying thing.  The thing, thing that I was distressed about.


It’s that people got to understand that this could happen to absolutely anyone.


For 4 – 5 years I’ve been saying.  You start with Guantanamo history shows.


They start with the other.  It gets closer and closer.  And someday they come for you.  When you are innocent.  And you have no recourse.


When they were releasing us.  The guy said – Okay we are gonna let you go this time with a summons, right.


But if you go down and re-join your friends the protesters.  And you get arrested.  There will be a real arrest next time.


Here’s the camera.  He points the camera.  It will take your photograph.


Here’s the fingerprint machine.  We’ll take your fingerprints.


It will go to that database of Federal database.  And it will follow you forever.


And then I said – Officer I was arrested tonight for obeying the law.  How do I avoid getting arrested in the future?


And he didn’t dispute I was obeying the law.  He said – Well the officers decided it was a safety issue.


But I said – What prevents any situation from being called a safety issue, and trumping the law, and how people are obeying the law?


And he didn’t answer and referred me to a section of the criminal code.  But that too is very scary


Keith Olberman:  It works even thought the right to make up the laws as they go along

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