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Theocracy won’t last. Theocracy’s are of the past. Just leave them alone.

The same thing with North Korea. Take out the 26,000 American troops in South Korea and leave them alone. And they’ll find their way to a better form of government.


RT: Why you worried about US energy companies and what they’re doing to the United States environment?


Mike Gravel: I’m very concerned. But also I’m very realistic. I came from an oil state. And I’m the person that brought about the construction of the Alaska pipeline. Literally, single handedly.

I even had to fight the oil companies to.. to get them to agree. And then they did the nu.. they did the studies, the environmental study.

What we need to do is to require that a corporation comports to the environmental controls that the government puts in place. But the problem is… the corporations own the government.

So the controls are not very good. And that’s the reason… but if you now give the people who make laws… They’ll make laws that would regulate the corp… the corporations need to be regulated.

They are not democracies. The corporation is designed as a spe.. as an item of economic activity that is responsible to the shareholders. They’re not responsible to the public. They’re responsible to make a profit for the shareholders. And so if you have managers that have no moral conscience…

In fact, corporations have no morality and no memory. They just are designed to make money. That should not be in command of society. And they are in command of society worldwide today.

And that has to change. Because that is going to leave to the destruction of our planet. Because it is uncontrolled. And we see this with corporations with the financial situation, and the melt down that’s taking place.

Again that’s irresponsible corporate activity that must be controlled. And of course in the United States, you got the conservatives and <inaudible> parties…

Oh we got too much regulations. You know, trust the market. The market is the vehicle of greed and making profit. That’s what you wanna trust the life of your children to in the future.

Don’t, don’t you dare even talk about that.  Corporations are device that… that should be controlled by the people. And the people…

The only tool the people have to control, their collective activity is government. And so when people say government is bad, government is a tool. It can do good. It can do bad.

If it’s properly designed and controlled and in the hands of the people, and the people have a role in how the government will operate, now you have a win-win situation. I don’t know if I mentioned to you, uh, the famous words of Marcus Cicero. Did I mention him?

Okay. It says it all… that people are free if they participate in power. I know of no country in the world today where the people are really free.

RT: Mike Gravel Chairman of Democracy Foundation thank you for speaking with RT.


<ending credits: RT’s Exclusive Interview>


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