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I saw this serving in the United States Senate. When we would debate and say, here, our actions.. our actions are causing people to die. You know, there’s no sense of that. They’re too far away. We’ve not matched the progress in the private sector of technology, in science with the ability to govern ourselves in a proper fashion.

We don’t have a democracy. We have a system of representative governments worldwide and that is not good enough for the people to govern themselves in the 21st Century.


RT: Is President Obama guilty of crimes against humanity over Libya and the continued participation in Iraq and Afghanistan?


Mike Gravel: Oh, I can give you the proof. After you’ve got elected president of the United States, a lot of progressives felt that, an Obama campaigned that he was going to be transparent and we’ll gonna have a new level of democracy.

He was asked the question, as to whether or not, there would be a possibility that we would begin an investigation of the invasion of Iraq by George Bush.

Which was a crime. It was an actual crime.

And what was Barack Obama’s response? “Oh, we don’t look back.”– that means we don’t want you, the American citizens to see what happened.

Because you may turn around and accuse us of doing the same thing. Well, it’s even worse than that. It’s not an accusation. He has been doing exactly the same thing as George Bush did.

Here, most people are unaware of the fact that last year, the Obama Administration chased out of the United States, expulsed them over 500,000 people. Expulsed from the United States. I mean if… if we had a media that was an all-honest this would have been front page. This would have been hotly discussed.

Here, Obama is raising a billion dollars for his re-election Campaign. And he’s made the statement which demonstrates what little respect he has for the people. He’s made a statement, ”We’re not gonna take any money from special interest”.

But I tell you… the billion dollars is coming from special interest. And so he can tell you looking right at you.


RT: The whisky ring up to attack Iran, how serious is that?


Mike Gravel: The irresponsibility of Netanyahu and the lies. No, I don’t have to. I’m not telling you anything new.

Sarkozy says he is a liar. So, in my humble status as a private citizen that I tell you that Netanyahu is a liar, is not, nothing new. But he is a liar.

Because he’s made statements about Iran that are absolutely ridiculous. And all it is… is to create a fear for the people within Israel. He is part of the George Bush syndrome. That is to create a bunker mentality and create fear.

Because with fear you can make people do almost anything in a representative society. And that’s what they’re doing in Israel.

Israel has the finest group of peace advocates right within. Whenever I speak about Israel, I always quote Israeli citizens.  I don’t quote knowledge that I picked up anywhere.

Because they are the best critics. Read Harrets and you’ll see what they think of the government.

And so, this hole joining up of a war with Iran, very dangerous. Because Iran is not Syria, not Lebanon.

Iran is a proud nation. And they have missile capabilities. They won’t have nuclear capabilities. But they have missile capabilities that they can rain down on Tel Aviv.

Now, I can tell you if they are attacked, they will attack back. And Israel is so vulnerable and so small, that they will retaliate. They’ll use nukes to retaliate.

Because they can’t suffer to be destroyed. they’ll use the N solution. So, they nuked Iran. What do you think Pakistan’s gonna do with its nukes? What do you think Jap.. China’s gonna do? What do you think the United States’ gonna do in retaliation?

I mean, you could start a 3rd World Nuclear War. By irresponsibly attacking Iran.

The best way to solve the problem with Iran is to leave ’em alone. They eventually built a Democracy that we Americans destroyed with the British. Leave them alone. And the people will develop a democracy anew.

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