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Video Title: ‘World fears US as a war-hungry drunk’ – ex-Senator



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Uploaded by RussiaToday on Nov 23, 2011

The US is like a drunkard who charges to war with anyone who might pose a threat, ex-Senator and former US presidential candidate Mike Gravel says.

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RT: Mike Gravel is the Senator who exposed widespread atrocities by the US in Vietnam War.


Senator, has the US committed crimes against humanity in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq? And why is no US Politician today exposing that?


Mike Gravel: We… First, I’m… I’m extremely concerned. I’m extremely horrified and I’m extremely embarrassed over my country. I like the United States. But by the same token, I think my country is an imperial country that is going downhill, and our leadership doesn’t even acknowledge the problem.


We spend more on defense than all the rest of the world put together. And we’re broke. 1/3 of our children don’t even graduate from high school. We’re 26th in the world with respect to education.

Our health care system is a joke. And yet we’re told, ”Oh, we Americans, we’re the smartest. We’re the best in the world.” This phony triumphalism has turned into a device to cause Americans to live in fear.

Fear of a terrorist attack to unusual individual. Yet you have a thousand times more likely to catch cancer than ever be hurt by that.

And so, here the United States and Afghanistan and Iraq and Vietnam and here. All this American soldiers have died in vain. Died in vain.

And this is a comment that I got from a general. He said, ”Mike, they died in vain. Look at Vietnam today, most favored trade nation status. It is a still communist country.”

So we ask ourselves: 3 million Southeast Asians were murdered as a result of our activities. 58,000 Americans and what is change? Nothing!

So, this fear of communism, and what it meant is that this people died in vain. They’re dying in vain in Afghanistan today. They’ve died in vain in Iraq.

When we, here… When Obama says, you know, we’re leaving.  Maliki is throwing us out of Iraq. Maliki is a corrupt government. And you’re gonna see essentially a Civil War. Soon as we leave the scene, it’s gonna be the mess than it was before, uh and then, but here…

All I can say about what the United States is doing… It’s immoral.’ As a result of 9/11, we have altered our moral compass. And people begin to getting used to brutalizing each other. This is what happens.

We Americans used to think, “Oh, what happened in Germany could never happen with us.”  Well, it’s happening with us. And it’s happening to the detriment of our global position.

Because we have lost, the… We’ve lost respect. Because people now fear the United States because we’re like a drunken person who go to war anywhere if you threatened us.

And then think of the morality of being able to, a government official, whether it’s military or not. Put your name on a list. Because he thinks you’re a traitor… or you’re a terrorist.

Put the name on the list. Then we dispatch a drone to follow you. And then we eventually take it upon ourselves to kill you without any trial, without any evidence and then kill about 10 other civilians that happened to be standing next to you.

The morality of that. Removing, removing responsibility. In fact, that was difficult for people to understand. That when you drop bombs from the air on people, you don’t see ’em die. They’re down there. You don’t see ’em. And so, that removes the moral responsibility.

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