Mike Daisy on Steve Jobs and China on Q&A Cspan – Transcribed.



Brian Lamb:  Where did you go to college?



Mike Daisey:  I went to Colby College in Maine.  I got a scholarship ah that allowed me to go, and uhm I’m not it’s because it’s one of those micro-ideas.


So like I was very much like the guy from Maine because almost everyone there was from outside of Maine, because it lives on its own bubble, sort of in the heart of Maine



Brian Lamb:  Was it your grades that got you in there?  Or was it your SAT or was it your performance?



Mike Daisey:  My grades were good but not exceptional.  My SAT’s were good but I think it was my essays, actually.


I think the essays played a lot uhm in, in getting me in uhm I don’t know.  I’m glad that they let me in. I really am.



Brian Lamb:  You did a monologue on, I’m gonna run a little bit of it uhm on gold.  You talked about gold.



Mike Daisey:  Oh this is probably ah The Last Cargo Cult.


Brian Lamb:  Which was not to, I mean how many monologues have you done in your professional career?



Mike Daisey:  16.



Brian Lamb:  And that was just a couple of years ago.



Mike Daisey:  Yes, yes.



Brian Lamb:  And what was it about?



Mike Daisey:  It’s ah two things.  It’s about uhm my trip to an island in the South Pacific with the people who worshiped the objects of America.


They have a celebration one day a year.  Where they are at the base of an erupting volcano and they tell the history of America as they know it to be in dance, theatre and song.



Brian Lamb:  Is this fiction?



Mike Daisey:  No, no.  I went to this island and it’s about the people



Brian Lamb:  What’s the island?



Mike Daisey:  The Island is Tona it’s in Vanuatu but what used to be the New Hebrides and so it’s about this island its people and the, they sort of ah their lack of economic system.


Like this island on this island many of the people do not use money or believe in currency. So it’s that whole story of their place and how their worship works, and then it’s paired with a story of the international financial collapse.



Brian Lamb:  Here’s a little bit from that.



<Clip Plays>


Mike Daisey:  You, you could march right down to the treasury and you can walk in there, and you can give them about and exchange them all for gold.


You can walk in there and say “Aahh I demand my gold!  Aahh” and they say “Oh my God it’s another fucking Libertarian.”



Audience:  (laughs)



Mike Daisey:  Hold on.



Audience:  (laughs)


Mike Daisey:  Just fucking wait.



Audience:  (laughs)



Mike Daisey:  Put up your hand… there you go



Audience:  (laughs)



Mike Daisey:  Get out of here, get outta here.  “Aaahhh Ron Paul in 2012 Aahh”


<Clip Ends>



Brian Lamb:  What year was that done?



Mike Daisey:  Oh I think that was in ah 2009.



Brian Lamb:  And how long did you perform this?



Mike Daisey:  Oh, about a year, year and a half.  They stay in rotating repertoire so I lasted that monologue in uhm in January of this year.



Brian Lamb:  One the reasons I ran that is that you used language there.  You used a lot of language in all of your performances and especially in the one that I saw,   ah why?



Mike Daisey:  Well, if I don’t speak in English we will have a problem.  I just always love the conflation of language.  I assume you mean adult language.


Brian Lamb:  Yeah the 4 letter words.



Mike Daisey:  Right, right, right.  Well I use it because ah it expresses the full range of the words that are available to me.

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