Mike Daisy on Steve Jobs and China on Q&A Cspan – Transcribed.



Mike Daisey:  This is so worth the life than the arts.  This so worth not having children.



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Brian Lamb:  Is this a part of what made some people of the theatre mad?


Mike Daisey:  Yep, yep because it’s true because ah in the American theatre you know it’s ah less glamorous in some ways than talking about the labour conditions in China, you know?


It has the exoticism of saying “Oh it’s all the way in China” but you know?


I work in the theatre and the truth is actors in the American theatre are paid reprehensibly they are paid unbelievably low wages.



Brian Lamb:  To take it back to the beginning we are talking about Steve Jobs and Apple.  Have any journalist along the way probe you about what you saw on Foxconn?



Mike Daisey:  Yeah, yeah a couple of them.



Brian Lamb:  Have there been a number of articles written because of your time at Foxconn?



Mike Daisey:  I, it’s no, it’s hard to know, I, I agitated with ah WIRED Magazine to do something and ah but I’m not sure WIRED magazine and I where aligned sort of in the problem.


And to be honest they did a cover story about the Foxconn suicides that was pathetic. It’s a pathetic story that uhm they sent people over with the PR Firm from Foxconn.


They were guided around the reporter didn’t talk to a single worker and then they flew back and wrote a puff piece.  So uhm ,so far no one has actually gone over and actually sourced original journalism.



Brian Lamb:  Of all the people you talked to inside the gates.  Who do you remember the most?



Mike Daisey:  I remember this ah, there was one girl I talked about her in the show actually.  Ah there was one girl who ah, was explaining to me how she cleans the screens of iPhone by hand, thousands and thousands of them.  And so I showed her my iPhone and she was like woah!


I handed her my iPhone and I actually had a picture of her holding my iPhone, and then I said to her maybe you might have cleaned this iPhone we’ll never know it might have passed you.


And ah incredibly quickly I soon as I said that she ah rubbed it on her pants and she said there I’ve cleaned it the second time, and ah it was that conversation I was talking to her and she sort of like “How old are you?”  She said “I’m 13” and oh.



Brian Lamb:  If somebody wants to get a hold of your, all of your work and everything.  What’s the website?


Mike Daisey:  Ah it’s my name its mikedaisey.com ah its’ an e before the y.



Brian Lamb:  It’s in the blog the whole thing.



Mike Daisey:  Yep, yep.



Brian Lamb:  We’re out of time Mike Daisey. Thank you very much.



Mike Daisey:  Hey, thanks for having me.


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