Mike Daisy on Steve Jobs and China on Q&A Cspan – Transcribed.


And it always gaols me this is part of the story that always gaols me that I had to track them down.  Because in the clip the whole thing is online by the end of it, I restarted the show.


One of the reasons I was able to restart a show is I thought, well, it’s a school group.


This was completely crazy but of course, one of the parents, not the person who did this stupid thing, one of the other ones I’m sure has left a note in the lobby with the box office saying “Oh we’re so sorry.We’ll obviously have to talk about this”


There was no note. There was nothing.  I got out there and couldn’t believe it.  I can be very naive sometimes.  I really thought, of course you wouldn’t just do this and leave, but the fact they did.


In fact the group actually wanted a refund and they did not want to contact me and I actually had to track them down.



Brian Lamb:  How long have they stayed?


Mike Daisey:  Oh like ah 15 minutes.



Brian Lamb:  And they were reacting specifically to the 4 letter word.



Mike Daisey:  Yes, yes, yes.



Brian Lamb:  And you say.



Mike Daisey:  I mean if they stayed longer they probably been upset about political things as well I suspect.  I mean if your upset about language you’ll be upset about something but BS is the language.



Brian Lamb:  What happened when you talked to the fellow that dumped the water on the desk?



Mike Daisey:  Well it was interesting you know?



Brian Lamb:  And where was he from?



Mike Daisey:  He was from a small town in California called Norka, California and that where the whole group was from.


They were out from the Boston area for a choral competition and this is what they chose to take the students to that night that they didn’t research very well.


And uhm when I talked to him you know?  It was a good call.  He was apologetic and he ah, he admitted that he had anger management issues that he was working on and I appreciated that, you know?


And he talked about how he’s feelings honestly that he has children; he had 2 daughters at that time.  I believe they were like 12 and 16, and he was terrified.


He is.. I remember this so vividly. He was saying to me. He was just terrified… about the future. He was terrified about the kind of world they are going to be in.


I thought that was fascinating. Because their actions the fact that they took them in this way, the fact that he felt this way.


I mean I felt terrified too, you know?  Like I, I felt like I could, I can actually empathize with that feeling.


I just don’t know if I would agree with the way in which he was addressing it or if the same things would terrify both of us.



Brian Lamb:  You, you said to him and you wrote this out I found it on, on your blog I believe.  Uhm at one point you said I was raised Catholic…



Mike Daisey:  uhum


Brian Lamb:  and you said you changed his demeanour when on the phone you said that



Mike Daisey:  yeah, yeah



Brian Lamb:  What was, what was the change?



Mike Daisey:  Well the change was uhm, they really upset me at the time I remember that.  He uhm what happened was he saw me differently you know?


I said that and that was a code word for the fact that I was Christian and so as soon as I was a member of his religion, sort of extended religion. He began to talk to me in a much more opened way.


And ah I don’t know it just it really upset me because I could feel how I actually gotten his respect before.  Like when I said this thing then suddenly it was though oh now, now we can actually speak as equals.

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