Lawyers are close behind. It is possible for a lawyer to use the law to work toward justice, it is possible.


I have almost never seen it in my life but it is possible and if you are a lawyer, ooh, you’re walking on the knife’s edge, aren’t you?


You’re right there, ready to fall right into the devil’s pocket, because honestly, honestly are you usually using your skills to work towards justice, are you?


Day after day I want to hear about your Pro Bono work.  I don’t wanna hear about you doing the side.


I want to hear about what you do, what your job is, what you have dedicated your life to be.


Because all of you in this culture, like my own, there is a strong streak of Puritanism here.


We are what we do.  What you choose to do with your life defines you.  That is where you resist corporatism. They need us to work for them.


If you have friends, who are lawyers that work in a corporate context, you need to quit them. You need to shun them. You need to drop them.


Social shaming is a very powerful impulse.  They need to know the truth and they need to be discarded. And that shaming increases and being inculcated in our children, there will be less in the next generation.


All of the lawyers and bankers will need to breathe with each other and they will have stunted children, who are the only one who will become bankers and lawyers,   and eventually the whole fucking breed will die out entirely.


And this brings up an important point, it’s very important.  This needs to be a joyful resistance.  There has to be humour woven through it.


It’s merely feeling right now “Is he serious? Oh my God I don’t know it’s kind of funny I don’t think he’s serious.”


I am very fucking serious. Let me clear that up for you, if you have a problem with levels.  But it has to be a joyful resistance.


The truth is this is a human movement.  We are human beings. If we do not resist joyfully…


If we forget how to laugh, how to actually open ourselves up and laugh.  We will destroy ourselves before we actually get anywhere.


That’s the problem with the Atheism movement.  I’m an atheist, I love atheism.  Fuck God! Fuck that guy! Stupid God.


But the atheist is insufferable they’re totally insufferable as a movement.


It’s horrible they spend all their time ah, screaming and yelling in this horrific nasty kind of way.


No, you need both sides. You need to take all the fire and brimstone I’ve been pouring out on you.


You need to acknowledge that we’re at the festival of dangerous ideas.  So you know, I’m bringing it kind of old school style.


You have to take that, and you need to combine it, with the steel, the flexibility to laugh in their faces, to laugh at them, to laugh at their context.


To open up your mouth with the sound come out.  I have friends right now, I have friends right now in the city I come from they are Occupying Wall Street. They have been there for days and days, and days.


Oh, did the world laugh at them?  The world still laughs at them, that they would be so foolish to think that this would even work.  But even now more people are joining them and even if they fall, they win.


Even if they fall, even if they fail, they cannot fail.  Because the whole effort is to crack the door open.  Even a sliver to open your mind to the idea that there could be a different context, that there could be a different way that things could actually be.


We begin to forget. We begin to forget immediately as we walk through our lives, and we are so good at erasing what we see. We’re so good at lying to ourselves.


I know it is hard to hear that you are a corporate whore, but you are.  You are and you need to embrace that.

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