You’re part of the problem. You are and if your serious about resistance you need to start today and figure out how you are gonna stop being part of the problem.


People don’t have to work for an inside of corporations, they don’t have to.


People can find things to do and the more people who do not work inside a corporate context the better it is, for humanity and there are levels like anything.


Each of you is gonna be the arbiter of your own existence.  I mean it’s not like I’m gonna judge you. You just gonna have yourself to judge you, in the night, when you lie in your bed.


You know what the truth is.  I do what I can do.  In my own life for instance, I freelance everywhere.  I worked with corporations all the time.  I’m constantly sucked in that corporate cock.


But I do everything I can, not to be chained up.  I do everything I can to suck little cock as possible and when I can, I try to pick the really nice cock.


I do what I can and it’s important to me, for instance. Years ago, for tax purposes people where always trying to get me to incorporate.


I’m never going to incorporate, less fucking thing I’ll do is make another corporation.


It’s important ‘cause every corporation made is Limited Liability Corporation.


Every single one that is created limits liability.  You understand that abstraction is the central tool of corporatism.


Once you create layers of abstraction, once human beings are not responsible for the things that are done inside that company.  That is how things start to go wrong.


If you have a job, if you do something, you need to actually explain what you do in a single sentence.


If you cannot explain what you do in a single sentence, you are probably a corporate whore.  You know that’s true, don’t you?


Because the systems get more and more complicated, if you’re actually doing something you should be able to explain really quickly.


Like my job is… I talk to people.  You have different skills, different skills and gifts all of you.  But you can all work, you can all do things in the society. I know you can.


Human beings are amazing and what an amazing world it would be if more of us actually had jobs that did something. That looked and fought and scrambled to look for something in their lives that actually do and then made those spaces for themselves, and did those things.  It’s possible. It is possible.


Corporations need us to be their priests and their soldiers. They need us to shuffle the papers back and forth.  They need us to have day jobs. They exploit us that way.


If we leave, that is one less person that they have. And each new free person is a new free voice to actually speak about the shape of the world.


And there are some careers that bare special responsibility.  If you’re a Banker you have a lot to answer for.


It’s an abstract job. It’s a highly abstract job, and the odds are you have not done a single thing with your fucking life.


If odds are, you have taken money and used it to make more money, and you should be ashamed of yourself that you lived on this earth and you breathe this air.


You had all this time and you did fuck all the debt.  You don’t have to do that though.  You can actually do something.


I have never met a Banker, yet, who wasn’t smart enough to know they have actually had other gifts. Because the world is filled with gifted humans and no one is gifted at banking.


That’s a sham and a delusion. That’s a perversion, where you take the gifts you did have.   To do something worthwhile with your time and you piss them out on the ground.  So you could grab money from other people, its bullshit!


If you know bankers, you need to know this in your heart.  You need to know it and you need to distance yourself from them.

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