Corporations do not die and they have no conception of death. They just go and on and on, and on because there is no arc to them.


There is nothing human in them; there is nothing that could stop them in that sense.


Corporations would not exist without us. Without you.  You are complicit. I am complicit. We are all complicit.


We, make this possible. We are in a hell of our own making. We live in here and we make it day after day, after day.


We live in this landscape.  So the question becomes, what are we going to do?  What are we actually going to do?  It’s that’s where this talks break down isn’t it?


We rant and rave over the state of things.  We talk about the landscape as we see it and then when we’re done. *Hooh* we sigh and we return to the world as it was.


We whisper to ourselves, “I don’t know I would like to do something but it’s so hard to do anything.  It’d be so much easier if someone else did something… I don’t know?  I don’t even know what I could do?  That guy is so annoying, Jesus! I want to get another cup of coffee.”


I hear you, I hear you. The truth is that you need a new metaphor.  You need a new landscape.


You need to stop pretending that you are free.  Because everyday you believe that you are free, you suffer from terrible guilt.


Why do you live in such a world where you have so much?  But have done so little.  Fuck that noise!


You need to understand that you are not free.  You need to understand that you live in an occupied country.


Your country is occupied by corporations and like any occupied country, there are lessons that we can draw from, there’s a history of the duty of resistance.


You need to look back to Vichy France.  You need to look back to what people do when they are occupied. They resist and they resist in a thousand different ways.


Resistance needs to become our religion if you want to do this.  If you want to be on the side of humanity, you need to resist.


And in occupied France not everyone was a sexy member of some resistant fighter.


Although of course in the years that followed after the war was won, everybody was in the resistance weren’t they?  Like once it turns sexy then everybody was in the resistance doing something.


But you know that’s not fucking true, right?  You know that most people are not in the resistance, you know that many of you out there in the darkness aren’t in the resistance now.


I mean I’m glad you came into this talk and I’m sure in your hearts you’d like to resist.


But when you weigh yourself I think you find yourself wanting.  I know I find myself wanting.


I know there is so much more I could do.  There are so many things I could do, but there are concrete steps we can definitely take.


The biggest I think is to understand that commoditization is a deep, deep problem.


We often think of ourselves as consumers even in our resistance we say to ourselves,


“What can I buy?  What’s the right thing I could buy?  I want to spend my money somewhere where it’s effective.  I wanna only spend my money on things that are the right things to buy.”


Fuck that I don’t care!  I don’t care what your fucking buying.  I care about what you do.  What do you do?


‘Cause there are people out there in the darkness right now, today, who I am looking out at, who work at corporations.


You are part of the problem. You are absolutely part of the problem and don’t fucking lie to yourself, and tell yourself that you are not.


Don’t leave here tethering thinking how it’s not you. You do a lot of nice things. You give money to some great charities, wonderful!  No, fuck you!

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