It is possible to go back and see the stories of their childhood.  It is possible to dissect their histories and so many have done so.


And to look those biographies and see the strands, and strains, the social forces that were, or what led them to the place, where they did, what they did.


It doesn’t mean we accept it or condone it, but we can understand it.  Why?  Because it’s a human story and we are human beings.


We are good at understanding impulse.  We are good at understanding emotion and narrative.

That is the reason I can talk to you this morning.  It’s because you are human and I am human, there is something that happens in the dark.


This gestalt, you coalesce into an audience then we can actually talk about something.  It’s a marvellous, marvellous process.  It’s an inherently human one, I treasure it and so should you the whole fact that we could come together in this.


Mao and Stalin, and Hitler are horrifying, but they are human.


The corporations are not human, and you need to remember this.


You need to remember that every time you are tempted to speak glibly about how evil a corporation is being.


A corporation can never be evil.  A corporation can never aspire to that kind of humanity.


Corporations are inherently amoral; they exist outside of any framework of humanity.


They do not understand humanity at all and we have chosen to create them.  We have chosen to endow them with these powers, and now they live amongst us, and above us.


We made that choice, we gave them that strength. We continue to give that strength to them day after day, after day.


And that is why this is a war.  There is a war going on right now between the Human and the Inhuman.


And as horrifying as the human is, as horrifying as we can be to each other in this room, in so far, as anyone here can imagine under terrible circumstances, murdering another person, as terrible as any of us can cook up in this room.


We are not actually corporations, because the corporations have not even a glimmer of humanity.  They are constructs that wander the landscape doing what they will.


What future anthropologist will wander at though?  They will ask themselves if that’s all true.  Why did they do it?  Why did they do it to themselves?


Because let us be clear, we can all take a lot of comfort in thinking that they’re these love crafting creatures from outside of reality impinging on us but we do it to ourselves.


They will not be corporations if they were not people to run them, or not people to work them.


The corporation is so inhuman because it’s almost non-existent without the people to motivate it there is no corporation at all.


Corporation is a combat between the people who are inside of it.  In its oldest form the original corporations had charters that what a corporation is for.


You would only make a corporation if you were trying to incorporate to do something.


Some project larger than any one individual and then when you came together to make that project realized.


It would also in that charter have the terms of disillusion. Because once you were done whatever that project was, of course you would dissolve that corporation, because you wouldn’t just leave something like that lying around.


Because if you did that you can imagine a world where those corporations would just grow. Because what else would they do if they have no objective and no ending?


They would just grow; they would become very different than us, alien to us because they would have no arc to their days.


Everyone in this room is going to die.  You are. I assure you and so will I, and thank God for that.


Because that gift of death is what defines us. That gift is what makes us human the arc of our days ensures that we would live a life that is measured.

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