They gave everything they had to them, to make them as wealthy and as powerful as possible.


And children of that time will ask, why?  Why did they do this thing?  Why did they make these enormous edifices?  Why did they do that?  And the people will have no answer for them because there would be no context.


It would be impossible to explain the way that religions are always impossible to truly explain because this is a religion.


We are engaged in an act of huge and ongoing worship.  We have created these things, these corporations.


We worship them. We give them the strength they need and they hang above us like stars fixed in the heavens.


You go outside at night you could see them shining down on us.  You can take the children outside and you can point up into the sky and say


“Look there is Goldman Sachs, and there’s Amazon.com, and there’s Apple, and there is Dell and all of them arrayed across the heavens shinning down on us.”


We do this, we educate our children in this way.  We show them the shape of the world, as we know it to be.


And these corporations that began as trading companies for the Dutch.  The idea of the corporation has grown and grown, and now they are now endowed with all the rights of Man and none of the responsibilities.


And we rail about that, but we accept it.  We accept it as inevitable fact of our lives.  We accept it as the way things are when we look out into the world.


We do not remember there is just a few hundred years ago, there were no corporations. A thousand years ago nothing of a social order that exist now practically in existence.


You go back in time and all of this is washed away.  Here in now where we stand it seems so real, doesn’t it?


It seems so unstoppable, it seems so clear like a pyramid rising up above us.  They can never fade, never fail, it feels like it is the inevitable future.


And in this time in the beginning of the 21st century it is the Age of the American Empire.


It is the age of my country’s empire. My country who lost its soul and itself when it set off that bomb at Trinity and they rose up and became the Military Industrial Complex that it is now.


I weep for what we have become.  We reach our hand out to dominate this world economically and socially, and politically we have reached our hand out.


And that military industrial complex that is woven through my culture, that is Corporatism at its naked form.


My government is not a government; it is suborned by the corporations that are woven through it.  It is part of the lifeblood of everything that happens. In each and every other country, corporations gain more and more power.


When they look back on this age they will say,


“There they all were. At the beginning of the 21st century, the 2nd millennium and they did not know them, but it was beginning of the end of the age of the nation state, and the rise of the corporation.” 


That is what they will say, that is where we sit in time, and the truth is that for all the horrors of the 21st century visited on us.


Stalin and Mao, and Hitler, these monsters are monsters of ego.  They are monstrous things they are.


People who are was just once like us human beings, who then take power for themselves and are twisted by that power, until they do things that are almost unimaginable to us.


They are horrors but they are still human.  They are still human and that is why their evil is comprehensible to us.


None of us wants to feel affinity with Mao, with Stalin, with Hitler.  But it is possible to do so.


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