Because there are some of you already were thinking…


“The large man is yelling at me I don’t like it.  I don’t like it.  I know it’s a festival of dangerous ideas, but he’s supposed to talk about corporations.  He was not supposed to talk about me (laughs).  I’m a person. I’m not a corporation. Shut the fuck up.”


But the truth is, we are all implicated.  We are all part of this. Each and every part of it.


This is a war. This is a war and if you never thought about of it as a war and you have been fucking asleep, and it’s time to wake up.


This is a war and in a war, we work with imperfect tools. In a war, we work in a situation as it lies on the ground.


So even though, this festival is in a sense a sham. Even though, embedded in a shitty fucked up cultural context.


Even though, most of you are completely complacent and happy. You are asleep.


We are going to talk today.  We are going to talk and strive to make things happen.


Because the only philosopher that actually needs to study is Albert Camus.


He understood that the world is absurd, that the world is absurd and the only thing that could save us from that absurdity is to make human sense of the mess we’re in.


And that is what we are trying to do in a few brief minutes that we are given together


As preachers of the first world, who have an enormous amount of power and privilege, even though I am sure you don’t feel like you do.


You feel like you are benighted and oppressed, and in a sense you are.  But compared to most of the world’s population, you have an enormous amount of power.


As creatures with that power, you owe it to yourself to travel to the pyramids before you die. Because the pyramids should be seen by every person, by every ostensibly free person in the world.


Because they are a marvellous thing they rise up out in the desert.  Enormous and the scale of them is almost incomprehensible to one of the few works of man that challenges the timescale of nature itself.


The pyramids, the great pyramid is almost 5 millennia old and it is so old that it breaks the back of time.  It travels back and back, and back so we can scarcely count it.


It is so old that for the first 3800 years of its existence, it was the tallest building on this planet.  Maybe the tallest building in all history, but we do not go back that far human beings.


We go back tens and hundreds of thousands of years.  We have no memory of those times.


But because of the scale of the pyramid we have this strange artefact from a time. We cannot really understand it sits there in the desert.


And I would ask you now to imagine the pyramid and I know from our shared education in the 1st world that you have seen many images of it in your life.


Some of you have perhaps had that privilege of gone and seen it for yourselves.  Stood there in the sand and looked up at its massive face.


See it now picture it in your mind.  Now, imagine it as it used to be because what you see before you are just the stones that were stacked up the structural underpinnings of the pyramids itself.


It was once faced in limestone perfectly white.  It is said that you could not fit a knife blade between any of the sheets of limestone, and that is probably true because the measurements of the internal structure of the pyramid are exquisite. It is so well made.


Picture it: perfectly white, huge, unshakeable, indestructible, this enormous thing, this white perfect geometric figure hanging in front of you.


It stayed that way for millennia until an earthquake caused some of the sheets to break loose and then looters and you know… The story of civilization asserting itself.

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