Really, people should be much more unstable to be on a Festival of Dangerous Ideas.  Instead I could tell looking at you today.


You’ve had your bagels and your coffee, and a raisin toast and you look really well fed and happy.


You look very happy and that is a big part of the hypocrisy that underlies all of this, because you should really be suspicious of your happiness.


You should be deeply, deeply suspicious of it, because we cannot have this kind of complacency, if we are not complicit in what we create.


And looking out here today, I know you. I know you because I am you. I have walked in your shoes, I walked among you.


I too have read my Chomsky and my Klien.  I too saw Inside Job and The Corporation.


I know you. And you are in this room seated here because you have engaged in a kind of intellectual fallacy.


You were choosing what to see in this festival and you thought.


“Well it’s early on the day on Saturday so I wanna see something that won’t get me riled up, because you know later I’m gonna see the guy who’s gonna tell me not to eat meat and I am really nervous about seeing him because I really like meat. 


So I don’t even know if I wanna go to that? But this guy, this guy I mean everybody hates corporations you know?  You know I hate them I do, oh they’re bad.  They’re so bad I don’t like them.  I don’t like the corporations. 


I’ll go and it would be great to sit around and we’ll sing songs, talk about how it’d be we so great if the world was a different place.  Yeah, that sounds like a good time.”


The truth is that your hypocrites.  The truth is that you walk into this room and you sat down, and you never had a single fucking thought in your head.


The truth is that you’re sitting out there in the dark watching me and on some level, you are satisfied with your life, because that is the natural condition of being in the first world.


It is a very satisfying place, it’s built that way, it’s constructed that way, it’s a prison that you live in.  I know because I fucking lived there too.


I know your hypocrites because I am a hypocrite.  I’m a huge hypocrite, I am a so big fucking hypocrite that I dare to stand in front of you in a light and tell you what you already fucking know.  That is the deepest hypocrisy.


We are hypocrites and as soon as we acknowledge that the beginning of wisdom can start to flower.


Because once we acknowledge that we are actually hypocrites, then there is a chance the beginning of chance can actually do something.


But not everyone sees is that way.  In fact many of you out there probably feel this way.


Probably had that feeling I know I have especially when I was young.  I would feel this growing flowering wild discontent I would think everybody lies. Everybody is full of shit. No one tells the truth.


Everything is immoral. Nothing is ethical. The systems are corrupt. The government doesn’t work. The corporations are everywhere. Everything disintegrates on me.


Why try?  Nothing is ever going to change. Why try?


That’s a legitimate point of view. I would even argue it’s a dominant point of view.  If we are brave enough to look into our hearts, we all know how deep the weed of apathy goes.


How strong it is. How seductive. Because the most seductive thing about giving up all hope is that you no longer need to try.


The most seductive thing about that is you know, you no longer need to resist in any way, because the future was hopeless anyway.


The reason to resist. The reason to actually get up in the morning. The reason even to continue to listen to this thought.

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