Mike Daisey:  Well, I mean I think that for me ah the performance today, the talk as we call it was a kind of prayer.


Because I do hope that in the future when people look back they will not be able to understand this era, because that time would have passed.


The time of corporatism in relation to human history is very short, so far even though it feels so dominant


Uhm I’m embedded in my context so it’s actually very hard for me to imagine what follows in era of corporatism, because I’ve lived with it as deeply as everyone else does.


But I do believe that ah, I will say this, that what you said about the, the global financial crisis.  I don’t actually believe that the global financial crisis is over.


I think we look back at this era, ah we won’t say that it ended and then I mean I think that the instability in the market, none of the fundamentals are actually fixed.


And I believe based on this other monologue that I am doing and time I spent.


So I am trying to be labour situation in China itself is really disruptive and I think there are going to be changes in the next 20, 30, 40 years, to the nature of that country, and since our entire way of life is built on that country remaining fascist.


I think that ah there’s going to be tremendous disruption and ah, so I don’t know what’s going to happen.


But I do believe that change is constant and more common than we believe.


Ah we tend to think things are always the way they are at this moment.


Richard Glover:  Okay one last question.  What will I do Sir in the hat?


Male audience asks:  (inaudible)


Richard Glover:  What’s the alternative to the corporation?


Mike Daisey:  I’m uhm; I’m really a creature of ah, of the metaphor that I was describing today.


Like I see myself in a war and so I frame myself in that war as a resistance fighter.  Resistance fighters are notoriously bad at forging the next government.


Audience:  (laughs)


Richard Glover:  So I have ideas about what the world could be, but truthfully there are people who come after me that I hope would have the opportunity to make those decisions truthfully.


I don’t think I have a truly good idea. I know I want the corporations to loosen their hold.  I know I want them disrupted and dismayed, and I want them disassembled.


So they are weakened and battered and so I dedicate myself to that, and to trying to get people to open their eyes the fact that because they work for them and are them, it’s actually the human spirit working against itself.


Like we could actually choose not to participate in that way, and they would be powerless.  And so I don’t think I am, I don’t think I am the right one.


Richard Glover:  And one last one Sir.


Male audience asks:  (inaudible)


Richard Glover:  Okay so can good people change corporations from within?  Mike?


Mike Daisey:  Oh I think that you’re wrong.  I think that the core, I think the core thing that you’re upset about why I am saying.


You know frankly, corporations are framework and if you want to you know?  If you want to defeat that make them sole proprietorship.


Honestly, CitiCorps who is in charge of CitiCorps should be personally responsible for everything that CitiCorps does.


I don’t think you’ll have a hard time finding someone who wants that fucking job?  And I think that’s the way it should be, because maybe they’re too fucking big.


Because people are actually responsible for everything, what is currently called the corporation does.


People would think twice before they took those enormous salaries and their giant bonuses and maybe they would earn those bonuses.


Legitimately earn them if they were personally responsible and if they were personally responsible legally bound by everything they do.

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