So in truth, almost no one is actually ignorant.  People are instead in denial because they know it’s not good.

They just don’t know the details of how not good it is, and they don’t want to know the details, because that would be unpleasant and their iPad is so awesome.


And so it would be hard once you hear this, and so uhm a lot of the job I think.


My job is to sort of shine a light through things and ah to look for the truth and the truth is not always comfortable.  If it was comfortable, it would be out in front of us


Richard Glover:  There is a metaphor about the pyramid workers who definitely in denial


Mike Daisey:  Yeah, I mean.


Audience: <commotion>


Richard Glover:  Questions?


Mike Daisey:  That’s terrible


Audience: (laughs)


Richard Glover:  Questions?


Mike Daisey:  That’s pretty fantastic


Richard Glover:  Yeah


Male Audience asks:  Hi I’m Keith


Richard Glover:  As loud as you can


Male Audience asks:  I work for a charity and I do (inaudible)


Richard Glover:  Did anyone hear that?  It’s a question on how people who work in a charity sector end up with not much economic power in the world that also how the relate to corporations


Mike Daisey:  Well, you know, I mean were talking about in the context.  Let’s be clear of this topic today like so I because I took this, the charge of this festival very seriously.


Uhm I have these ideas all the time, I don’t always share them quite so openly because people get upset with you.


So I am a hypocrite like everyone else.  I ah shield sometimes my actual thinking, but if were being honest uhm.


I’m very happy you didn’t ah sell yourself out and get a six-figure salary, because I think that’s immoral and unethical.  So I’m in favour of everyone that has not done that with their life.


I have friends that have made enormous sums of money doing one thing or another thing that in my heart given my framework I would consider unethical.


If I didn’t talk to anyone that I thought ah have never done anything unethical. I will have no friends whatsoever including myself.


I have done many unethical things too.  That all said I do think it’s important to gauge a degree of social shaming and I actually I think that when people who have made enormous amounts of money through ah, corporations and through, through, through business.


Uhm the fact that they want to give to social good is could be argued as some sort of penance, or it could be argued as some sort of ah attempt at ah, changing things.


Like I made all this, I have all this temporal power I wanna use it to do something.


The same time ah, uhm, uhm the, the effort to make that power you know,  I really believe each person is responsible for what they have done in their lives


And I, I can’t square uhm working with corporations in that context, with a larger ethical framework.  I can’t, I’ve worked at corporations and I really regret the time I spent doing it.


So uhm, so I guess it’s, it’s, it’s the situation that you’d expect, a very charged complex landscape.


I mean I work with people all the time that uhm, that ah, ah that if I used my own yardstick that I was propagating up here that I was talking about.


You know I really have a hard time talking to them. At the same time I do feel it rise up in me and I think more people should rise up in conversation when you least expect it talking to a Banker that you need to actually tell them that they’re full of shit.


And I, I and I try to do that and I consider that actually kind of a calling that like you are required often when it’s not pleasant at dinner parties and stuff.

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