I was worried about the other thing would be so incredibly well known, that we would just be rethreading old ground.


Like you guys already know that argument so you know read up on it and then you know discuss it.


But like we should talk instead about what you could do.


Richard Glover:  As we’re actually talking about complicity, we’re on the territory of your other show The Steve Jobs Show.


Mike Daisey:  Uhum


Richard Glover:  Which is about this, I think part of the power of the show is it’s about this shiny object in almost all of our pockets.


You had an enormous reaction from people who seen the show and kind of felt that confusion about what they seen on stage, and what they know gives them delight in their lounge room.


Mike Daisey:  Yeah, I mean there is an enormous disconnect because uhm, were human beings and so we enjoy pleasure.


We enjoy things that we like and Apple products are pleasurable.  The Sydney Opera House is pleasurable.  Ah eating good food is pleasurable and ah because of the construction of our current reality, most of these things fuck people over ah in, in large and small ways.


And uhm so it’s our job, as sentient creatures because we are in a position where we do have some power to begin to try and grapple with what we do.


And uhm so it often galls me, I may have run into this life where I know people who have ah incredible ah social ideals.


They have been very empowered by addressing social ills and then they have a day job working at a large corporation, and I just think that disconnect is vast and indicative of a huge problem in a way we lend ourselves.


So uhm, so ah I’m trying to challenge them to uhm, to know that you know?


Sacrifice is painful. I mean I acknowledge that is very painful.


It’s very painful I live in America, I because I am not corporatized, because I haven’t tied myself to any corporation.


Even when you know, I would work as a theatre artist in some sort of corporate relationship.


Uhm I have no health insurance, I have to buy my own health insurance in this obscure ridiculous systems that are so insanely expensive that I can’t even fucking believe it.


Uhm I could avoid that by making myself someone’s bitch.  I am trying very hard not be anyone’s bitch and I failed sometimes.


I totally failed and we are all going to fail and the big part of this, I think is acknowledging that when we fail, we get up and we try again.


Because the other thing that could happen, people get very rigid they are like


“Well, everything’s corporatized and what are you gonna do? I’m just gonna stop”


And it’s not acceptable


Richard Glover:  We had a big reaction when you came on the radio from people who kind of didn’t then know what to do with their Apple products?


Having heard you it was like reading Dickens.


Did you get that sort of email after the stage show on the Opera House?


Mike Daisey:  Oh yeah, yeah I get a lot of emails about this show and the day killer, and other monologues.


A lot of my monologues are about corporatism and different forms, and so they often uhm that disturb people in that way.


And so I do hear from a lot of people and uhm you know?  I hear from them to be honest, some are talking to me, some are just talking to work out things for themselves.


You know what I mean?  Like, like people always knew for instance that, like if you ask someone, if you said a statement and you said “China is the workers’ paradise” 


There is no one that actually thinks that’s true. No one, not in this room and not in the general populous.  No one actually thinks that’s true.

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