And perhaps it was such an incoherent scream they wouldn’t be able to frame it.


They wouldn’t even be able to say what alternative there could have been?  They can’t imagine one.


But something human in them struggles to accept that they will die in this dark place alone, that their children will die.


That they have condemned their children, their children’s children and everyone that follows them into darkness.


There must have been a moment, when they struggled with that.  And outside that dark mausoleum, that dark corporate place of death.


The Nile sails by imperturbable, immortal the same as it has for thousands of years and the women go down there in spring time today, just as they do, thousands of years ago.


They go down there today in the spring to do the rites. The same rites that have evolved overtime, the ones they did for Isis and Anubis, the Rites of Spring.


It spring outside this building right now.  You’re sitting in the darkness but when you walk outside the light will shine down on you.


It is spring. It is a time of rebirth.  You bury the times form the past and you hope that they would grow, that something will take root, that some seed will flower into being.


And above us, the stars that shine on us today, those fixed immutable stars I told you about, they are the same stars that shone 5 thousand years ago.


They are the same stars shining down.  We cannot change the stars. We cannot change the fixed things in the universe. They are fixed and larger than ourselves.


But we decide what constellations there are.  We draw the connections between those stars because that is the human story.


We shape the world as we want to see it by making those mythologies, and as we shape the world, we shape ourselves and the future.  Thank You.


Audience:  (Claps)


Richard Glover:  Any Bankers or Lawyers left?


Audience:  (laughs)


Richard Glover:  I feel it’s very appropriate actually.  It’s a very appropriate setting for that attack on Bankers’ breeding.


Because you walk here to walk in the Opera House on the Friday night and see the Opera Bar.  Fucking captive breeding program for Bankers


Mike Daisey:  It’s true.


Richard Glover:  It’s where they were doing it


Mike Daisey:  I’ve, I’ve ah, I’ve uhm…  I have seen them ah, on my way back on the shows. It’s really something.


Richard Glover:  It is something.


Mike Daisey:  It is.


Richard Glover:  It is something, you’re right.


Uhm I know a lot of people would say, even people who share your despite about the corporations would say


“The main effort to change them is not to stop individuals joining them, but for the society to make rules of behaviour appropriate to control the corporations.  This the kind of the fabian socialist, a way of approaching the problem”


Why, why, why isn’t that your approach?


Mike Daisey:  Oh I mean that could be part of my approach.  I mean I really see the talk today in 2 parts.


There is my speech here and there is my talking here afterwards and honestly, uhm that approach, that discussion is a really valid one and very interesting, and doesn’t mean fuck all in this context.


Ah I’m here to talk to these people about collaborating with corporations.  I’m here to talk about the hard part, which is that we always talk about regulating them.


We never talk about our complicity with them.  Instead, we corporatize ourselves and talk about we could and couldn’t buy, and how we can change things that way.


Because it is harder to talk about the fact that most of us are embedded into the system very directly everyday doing 8 or 10 or 12 hours of harm over and over again.


So uhm since this is the festival of dangerous ideas, I thought I take my best shot and actually talk about what would be hard to talk about.

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