Keith Olbermann Requests Mayor Bloomberg to Resign


Machines that send painful waves of sound indiscriminately over the same residential area.


Who else but a cartoon like Bloomberg?  Could have become rich, creating multi-billion media and news company.


And then authorize illegally preventing reporters from witnessing police actions he claimed are utterly legal.


And then authorize the arrest of 4 reporters at a church.


Who else but a human platitude like Bloomberg?  Could have just gotten back from Jerusalem.


And a dedication of a 10 million dollar medical facility for which he generously paid.


And then enabled the image of policemen, seizing 5500 books from the Occupy Wall Street Library.  And then throwing them in a dumpster, as if the cops were book burners!


Who else but a hypocrite like Bloomberg?  Could have overridden by backroom deal with the New York City Council.


The results of 2 separate Referendums limiting those in his office to just 2 terms as Mayor, so he could server a 3rd term.


And then had his police arrest, beat up, and incarcerate a member of the New York City Council!


Who else but a Putz like Bloomberg?  Could have insisted the protesters are not above the rule of law.


And yet when the courts rule, he could not seize the protesters tents and sleeping bags, nor kept them out of Zuccotti Park.  Nor keep them from returning with their tents and sleeping bags.


Who else could have stalled for hours?  Until he can find another judge who can give him the ruling he insisted upon.


Who else but the epitome of tone deafness that is Bloomberg?  Could have better illustrated the fundamental issue of Occupy.


When he puts the entire weight of the most people driven city in the history of the earth.


Behind already crushingly rich in their efforts, to grab themselves to more advantages from those people.


And he himself is the 12th Richest Man in America.


Who else but a publicity addict like Bloomberg?  Could enable the arrest of 700 protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge.


And yet 2 months later frozen 20 square miles of New York City in gridlock traffic over 2 days.  So somebody could film another god damn Batman movie, on the 59th Bridge.


Leading to the inescapable conclusion.  That if you wanna tie up a little traffic during a protest for equality and freedom from corporate domination on a bridge in New York City, you would be arrested.


But if you wanna tie up all the traffic during a God damn movie shoot, for the financial benefit of corporate domination.  The city of New York will embrace you and give you tax breaks.


Michael Bloomberg.  No such a figure, no such a living breathing embodiment of all that is wrong, and all that is stupid, in the establishment in this country, could be ordered up in the works of fiction.


Or the casting calls of that God damn Batman movie, they filmed the weekend before he ordered the raid on Occupy Wall Street.


Obviously Mayor Bloomberg you should resign.


And your little bully of a Commissioner Raymond Kelly should go with you.


You have overstepped all reasonable interpretation of your rights and responsibilities, and you have made Americans, and people around the world realize that you are simply smaller, more embarrassing versions of the Tin Pot Tyrants, who have fallen around the globe in the past year.


But as some of 1st thought, you might be back on that faithful September afternoon that sadistic cops pepper sprayed 4 women who already have been trapped inside a police over-reaction.  As we thought again the following weekend during the arrest on Brooklyn Bridge.


Michael Bloomberg you have now indeed become the symbol of the Occupy Movement.


You are ready to take your historic place with Mayor Daly, and Gov. Wallace, and Sen. McCarty, and Prime Minister Grenville.


And every other idiot who has made the faithful and fatal mistake of thinking: Just because he had power and money.  That this is a nation which everything has a price tag on it!

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