David Suzuki Interviewed at Occupy Montreal


Reporter:  You know I was speaking to a Student Union President of the Toronto University.  A couple of months back.


He was explaining to me a lot of those corporations.  Who are investing time and money ah towards building… ah new Pharmacy aisles and stuff like that.


Basically trying to get students to uhm, ah… study to work in the corporation


David Suzuki:  Well of course that’s what Universities have become.


Universities see themselves as producing people that would go out and support the economy, support the corporation.


Universities which at one time, where places where people can explore ideas.  That a cutting edge of human thought.


Very radical places.  Very scary for society.  But that’s where all the excitement was.


Now what do we do?  We invite corporations in.  We want corporations to be a part of what our scientists and academics are all doing.


That I think is a huge sell-out.  So why should universities not think they are producing students to go out and fulfil the corporate agenda?


Reporter:  You think that bringing this hyper competitive model from the corporate world into universities.  Investing to their student lives.


David Suzuki:  I don’t know.  Is that what they are doing?


What I see in my area of Genetics.  The minute corporations started taking over the agenda.


What was the community that communicated freely and shared ideas became very secretive.


Because there might be an opportunity to patent this ideas.  And that to me is no longer a free open ah institution.


Reporter:  Any final thoughts?


David Suzuki:  This is a very long interview


Reporter:  Okay well.  Eddie do you have any questions here?


Reporter 2:  Is there just any suggestions that you have for the people listening?  For the people watching this.  For the people who are listening to this right now.


Is there any suggestion that you have for the young people?  Concrete suggestions that people can do.  That people can take action.


Reporter:  Nahow yeah.


I think that they got to put their bodies on the line.  Stay with it and demand we need greater democracy.


And one of the things about young people.  They are not bothering to vote.


They are not bothering to vote because they know the agenda they hear about from all this politicians.


It isn’t about them.  It’s about the corporate agendas.  So they got to get back out there and reclaim democracy.


And that means they got to get the bodies out.  And they got to start voting and becoming active in this process.


Right now we don’t have a democracy.  They’ve got to retake that.


They got to talk about the obscene difference…


In, in the 1% of the population.  That is creaming up.  Making huge amounts of money.  Wanting to avoid taxes or any kind of responsibility to create jobs.


Let’s take back that ah… those priorities and saying this is not acceptable



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