Charlie Rose Amy Goodwin- A discussion about Occupy Wall Street


As a journalist myself.  I was arrested covering protest at the Republican Convention in 2008.  Have brought suit ah against uhm cities of the police in Minneapolis and St. Paul. And the Secret Service for ripping of our Press Credentials.


We just won a landmark settlement.  And we held our news conference announcing this.  Part of it is the training of the St. Paul police officers.  Uhm in how they deal with the media.  We held our news conference


Charlie Rose:  Part of your settlement is they had to train their officers to deal better


 Amy Goodman:  Yes and that’s happening right now.  We held the news conference at Occupy Wall Street because we see what’s happening.


When police tell people to turn off their video cameras.  That’s exactly when they have to turn their video cameras on.


Uhm accompanying this movement… We need media in this country that allows people to speak for themselves.  Ultimately I think the media can be the greatest source for peace on earth


Charlie Rose:  Alright.  This also I have to mention about book Chris “The Death of the Liberal Class” Which you early.


I also a while mentioning this also forward by Bill Moyers “Breaking the Sound Barrier” by Amy.


Uhm so there is in terms of some of the programs that we.  One of the programs that we did here, uhm…  A sense that people ask this question.  We’ve been waiting for this to happen.


You have a feeling that’s an accurate assessment.  People were looking for somebody.  To start in the same way that there was emulation that started in the Arab Spring in Tunisia


Chris Hedges:  Yeah I think in fact it’s been something that has been happening for some time.  But it’s been off the radar screen.


Ah it didn’t just begin in Zuccotti Park. It’s ongoing and it has been ongoing but now it finally erupted.


And what’s fascinating about the media.  Is I think there is a parallel in the 1960’s.  Where they just were asleep at the switch.  They weren’t doing their job.


Ah the New York Times which is…  I mean its assignment right away.  Will sent a reporter down there.  They take one look around.  Ah and walk back and write this sort of snarky condescending articles.


Which they’ve never do by the way to the Tea Party.  Ah because the political cost is too high.  Ah because there is no Left in essence organized Left.  One can ridicule movements like this without


Charlie Rose:  What is this replacement of the organized left?  In the sense by something different.


Chris Hedges:  I think it’s…  It’s a populist movement clearly.  And I think it’s very different from the Tea Party.


I think the Tea Party has very disturbing elements that I would call Fascist.


Ah it first of all targets government and corporations.  And is of course bankrolled by the most retrograde capitalist in the country.  The Koch Brothers and others.


It targets government because corporations want government to be more anaemic.


It ah speaks in the language of violence and the gun culture.  It directs rage and it’s a legitimate rage.


This people have right to feel betrayed.  But they direct that rage towards the vulnerable.  Towards Muslims.  Toward undocumented workers.  Towards homosexuals.  Towards intellectuals.


All of this classic ah rubrics that one finds in a kind of fascist movement.


So while I think that the ground swell of anger that one sees in the Tea Party in genuine.  I think the way it is directed is radically different from this movement.


Ah and the channelling that kind of anger especially towards scapegoats.  Is something that, that frightens me.


Charlie Rose:  There is no question now that it has enough momentum, enough support to be sustainable.  Uhm and that the protest continue to the winter


Amy Goodman:  I mean it’s going to be hard but people are very dedicated.


And I think the organized parties.  The democratic and republican party are running scared.

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