Charlie Rose Amy Goodwin- A discussion about Occupy Wall Street


And I said why?  And he said “Well because there is inequality and I am gonna stand up against it”


Charlie Rose:  Should there be?  In some responsibility in terms of to communicate.  Should there be therefore a list of demands?  Or is that not.  It does not serve the cause


 Chris Hedges:  I don’t think so


 Charlie Rose:  Don’t they think they should or should not be?


Chris Hedges:  There should not be.  I think they done it right.


Uhm first of all…  you know I just want to reiterate Amy’s point.  That the none hierarchal structure is part of its brilliance.


Ah it avoids the kind of cults of personality.  Ah that plagued all the movements in the 60’s.  Ah and it gives everybody cumbersome.


I mean this general assemblies can sort of drag on and on and on.  Ah but it gives everybody a sense of empowerment and it makes it very difficult for the authorities to decapitate it.


Ah there are undercover cops down there and ah… aside from the fact it’s a bad Doonesbury cartoon.  They all look like cops.  Another tip off is they are all walking around same.


So who do you think is the core leadership is?  Where are the leaders?  Well first of all uhm it’s completely transparent.


You don’t need to be an undercover cop.  You can wear your uniform and go to the general assembly.  As many uniformed cops around the park do.


And here every word that’s uttered.  Every decision that’s made.  And I think that transparency and that non-hierarchal structure is really brilliant.


And it gives it a kind of resiliency and they rotate.  People would soon position to facilitate and change.  So that nobody accumulates too much power.


Ah you know… I think that it’s more that this group recognizes that the formal structures of power are tone deaf.


The and I spend a lot time talking this about this in depth liberal class.  The ability to carry out piecemeal and incremental reform.  Which is what liberal institutions do.


When Conrad Black wrote his biography of Roosevelt.  He said Roosevelt greatest achievement was that he saved capitalism.  And I think that’s right.


And that when there is a breakdown a liberal institution provide a kind of safety valve.  Where the corporate state and its myopian idiocy thought it could dispense with the liberal class.  Ah and therefore there is no way to appeal to the system.


It doesn’t matter what the citizens want.  We didn’t, nobody, there was no popular support for the FISA Reform Act.  Which retroactively made legal when under our constitution it’s illegal to warrantly wiretapping, monitoring, eavesdropping tens and millions of Americans.


There was no popular support for the bailout.  Ah constituent calls were a 100 to 1 across the political spectrum.


But of course Goldman Sachs wanted it.  But that is the bottom line.  There is no way to vote against the interest of Goldman Sachs.


And so when you shut that safety valve off. Uhm you create movements that seek to teardown a monolithic and tone deaf and callous power structure.  And that precisely what happened.

Within that movement I think it’s appropriate for teachers, and firefighters, and students to make demands. Ah but I think that, that the ability of the movement to…


And of course it has great symbolic value being where it is the gates of Wall Street.  Ah has realized that if we don’t teardown the structure of the corporate state.  It doesn’t really matter what we do.


 Charlie Rose:  Does it have anything in common with the Tea Party?


Amy Goodman:  Well it’s interesting you ask that.  When the people gathered on September 16th and 17th.  What 2,000 people.  Hardly any coverage they got.


If it was 2,000 Tea Party activist who have gathered on Wall Street.  I dare say there would have 2,000 reporters there if not more.


Uhm I think probably a number of people in the Tea Party are listening or watching.  Cause there are a lot of the same concerns.  This is

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