Naomi Klein: Occupy Wall Street cannot be Co-opted

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From the Majority Report, live M-F 11:30am EST and via daily podcast at http://Majority.FM:
Unlike other movements, no party or organization will take over or coopt Occupy Wall Street.

Sam Seder and the Majority Report teamed with Citizen Radio’s Allison Kilkenny and Jamie Kilstein on 10/6/11 and went down to the Occupy Wall Street to speak with Naomi Klein.



Sam Seder:  Its about this.  Its about this you know.  What one of the things that I think uhm we witnessed in Wisconsin.

Was you had a moment as this protest are constantly growing.

Where there is talk of, of wildcat strike.

Were talking of a general strike.  That ah of course is illegal in this country

Bystander:  correct

Sam Seder: But uhm there is some serious talk about it.  And almost as quickly as that developed.

There a lot of forces that try to channel and did.  I think successfully in terms of their terms.  That energy into electoral politics.

It became less about a general strike in Wisconsin.  And more about the recalls.  Ah about uhm (cough) defeating Scott Walker at the polls

Bystander:  correct

Sam Seder:  Which all well and good.  I’m definitely in favor of something like that. But uhm.. Is there?

Is this movement susceptible to the same type of re-channelling of, of energy into just electoral politics.

So that its rea-, sort of like.. suck back to the system.  In sort of made a little bit less dangerous and threatening in some ways.

Naomi Klein:  I think its explicitly a reaction against that. Uhm and.. that eh.. what excites me most is that.

I always worry that the young people who got involved in politics for the first time.  By campaigning for Obama.  Were gonna lapse into cynicism and apathy.

When they saw that the change they have voted for wasn’t happening. Particularly on really core youth issues.  Like jobs and, and climate change.

And what’s so exciting about this uhm, you know this fall.  Is that you, you’ve seen the Obama generation.. ah say okay I get it now.

Uhm you that the power is, is not in Washington.  Washington is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wall Street.

So we need to go where the power is. I, I think you see that same spirit in the protest against the Keystone XL pipeline.

Like we are going after this big mega project which, you know is disastrous for.. for the environment.  And we are gonna test Obama and we are gonna see what he’s made of.

And the message of, of those protest is.  You can’t take us for granted..  In, In, we might vote for you.  But we are not gonna work for you.  If you betray us on that.

Uhm I think people are just tired of what happened in this country.  Again and again every two years.  You, you have some building of movements.

Like you have the Anti-War Movement in 2003.  Really strong right.  Million people on the streets.

And, and I just remember that moment in 2004 during the Democratic Convention in New York City.  And suddenly the Anti-War Movement is a wing of the Democratic Party..

Bystander: Right, right

Naomi Klein:  And all of that energy gets funnelled into the Democratic Party machine.  And the Anti-War Movement never recovers, never recovered.  I don’t think people are going to make those mistakes again.

Female Protester:  You know that’s why this is different.  I’ve been speaking with organizers and I ask them about.. if this is a possibility that the Democratic Party would somehow co-opt this and change its message, and make it very wonky.  And they said, time and time again.

But actual structure of this.  What they are doing here, by sleeping here.  Ah makes it near to impossible to dot that.  Cause they can say this is Occupy Wall Street new agenda.  But it won’t be true..

Bystander: Right

Female Protester:  and everyone will know that

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