Naomi Klein @ Occupy Wall Street 10-06-2011

With absolutely no rules.  And the push from their lobbyist right now is Washington.  To get rid of what few remaining regulations there are.

So that they can create more jobs.

As if anybody believes that.  And then here we are in this space.  And we are so confined, so restricted in our movements.

We can’t even amplify our voices.  Uhm because the restrictions on, ah, ah.. on citizenship.. on, on, on freedom of speech, on freedom to congregate are so limited on this country.

And it really is a difference from other countries.  Where there is a lot more oxygen, a lot more.. you know, ability to have spontaneous gatherings, and to use public spaces.

I mean this city has been so corporatized.  Ah and ah so I think a lot of the shocks are already, that they are coming.

They obviously can get a lot worst.  And that’s why I think its been so remarkable.

The way in which this city has responded to the police repression.  Uhm its really important that the protesters so committedly non-violent.

Because that has put all the attention on the police right.  And its really clear.

This is the first protest that I remember, where that’s been the case right.  It isn’t cops versus protesters.

Its police beating up on protesters.

And that is the story.  I mean look there’s been terrible media coverage as we know.

But that part of it has actually been pretty good.  And uhm that’s because of the incredible discipline which people have behaved here.

And what’s been amazing is.. that, that uhm.. you’ve seen those videos and instead of being afraid.

They have just come out in greater numbers.  And there is strength in numbers.

This is the truth.  Yes the shocks will come.  That their shock of repression.  But its a lot harder to do, the more of us there are.

Uhm and the less your able to marginalize and dismiss, the people who are protesting.  That’s why coalition building is so important.

And even you know the fact that so many celebrities have been coming down here.  Uhm like Mark Ruffalo and.. you know and other you wouldn’t expect have come here.  That really matters too.

And I think more celebrities should come down here.  They should use their celebrity to protect the people here.

Because that actually sends the message the police get.  If they come down here its harder to clear this plaza out.

So I don’t know if you have a lot of celebrity listeners.  You never know but come on down

Host:  Mostly, mostly leftist.  And then lastly I just want to know.  What would you think is the most important vital step that they could come out of what is happening here?

What’s the most, you know if there is a few steps.  You talk about this new public economy.  This new economy that we need.  What do we see is the most important thing that could come out of this actions?

Naomi Klein:  I think, I think we are talking about building another kind of economy fundamentally.

It isn’t just an economic crisis.  We are also facing a deep deep ecological crisis.  And that ecological crisis has us on a deadline.

We need to get of fossil fuels in a big way by the end of the decade.  So we are talking about profound shifts.

I think we need to be moving away from a growth based economy.

So we are talking about really really fundamental steps.  And that’s why I don’t buy the idea that the protesters should have a media friendly list of demands about bank regulations.

Because, because this is uhm.. this movement doesn’t know what it can demand yet.  If it is big enough it can make big demands.

So why not wait to find out how powerful you can become.  Before restricting yourself to reform this demands

Host:  Do you think speakers..

Naomi Klein:  I got to run I got to make a speech

Host: Thank You

Naomi Klein:  Bye

Ambush Reporter: One question.  Is this safe to assume this demands would be progressive?

Naomi Klein:  I’m, I’m actually have to go and make a speech

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