Sam Harris on Joe Rogan Podcast 192


So I guess it’s very hard to lie about yourself or about anything given access to information. So that’s very good and it connects people and people can see how the other people live and all of that breaks down barriers between people.


But it also let, it also amplifies certain voices to, in a way that would never have happened before and these are just they’re terrible voices. So for instance, global Jihad.


The phenomenon of exporting Al Qaeda style Islam to the rest of the world more or less without friction is entirely an Internet phenomenon. I mean it’s very hard to see that have happened in a way it has in the last 10 years without the Internet.


Uhm, and just, just any crazy person with his crazy idea that can create a sub-culture in the Internet and you have this walled garden where people can just talk endlessly in a very self-confirming way.


Uhm, whether it’s a certain conspiracy theories or just you know, in a racist sub-groups. Wherever and you just get in there and you never get out.


And you find enough people who are echoing back your bad ideas that you and the other problem is, you never meet these people.


Joe Rogan: Yeah


Sam Harris: And also the, the role of anonymity online I think is pretty destructive. If you ever read a YouTube comment thread


Joe Rogan: <laughing>


Sam Harris: And I’m sure you have. It’s the most poisonous.


Joe Rogan: It’s amazing!


Sam Harris: Yeah, it’s amazing


Joe Rogan: If you ran into people like that in real life, you’d wanna have a sword.


Sam Harris: Yeah


Joe Rogan: You just don’t want to be hacking through them everywhere they went.


Sam Harris: Yeah


Joe Rogan: I see a point. It makes a big, uh, anonymity makes a big difference in you know. Having a lack of any, any sort of repercussions for shitty behavior.. Yeah


Sam Harris: Yeah

Joe Rogan: That’s not natural for humans


Sam Harris: Yeah


Joe Rogan: That’s not natural for humans to be able to affect each other with  ideas without social cues, without, you know feeling the emotions of someone whose feelings you’re hurting, or you know.


Sam Harris: Yeah


Joe Rogan: To be able to do it like this is just so, it’s so cunty. It’s what it is.


Sam Harris: It’s not even just Internet comment thread driven anonymity. I find it with email. Like with everyone’s. This is trivial to point out.


But everyone has sent an email that they shouldn’t have sent and watched this very good relationship unravel based on the fact that there’s…


You’re not being modulated by facial cues when you’re saying, when you’re dropping these bombs on your friend or brother or whatever


Joe Rogan: <laughing>


Sam Harris: and it’s just.. you know, it  just escalates.


Joe Rogan: But It’s a good way to tell someone they’ve fucked up. Well, you haven’t actually


Sam Harris: Yes, to get all the information at one place, yeah.


Joe Rogan:  Be in the room with them and you know, have them argue with you about it and you know, that sounds right


Sam Harris: Yeah


Joe Rogan: So, when you look at the possibility of nuclear terrorism and uh, you know, you’re fairly young guy, you know. You look at all this, this insanity and chaos in the world.


In what way do you think, is gonna be the way out of this? is it the technological solution? What’s, what’s gonna elevate people or make people’s ideas evolved to the point they realized that these ideas are completely ridiculous?


Nuclear wars, absolutely ridiculous. Can’t even be on the table. Can’t be an option for anyone in the world. What’s gonna get us to that?


Sam Harris: It’s a big question. I think one, uh, one piece of it is. So actually, it connects back with something that you said that this idea that we are the good guys and that our enemies are.. aren’t.

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