Sam Harris on Joe Rogan Podcast 192


I mean it’s the people, a panel of experts I think came up with 30%, right. Again, you’re not hearing the people say, no, it’s one in a thousand.


Joe Rogan: 30% is terrifying.


Sam Harris: That’s terrifying and yet, I don’t feel that I have, I don’t really live with that piece of software humming on the hard drive very much.


I haven’t integrated that into my sense of daily risk. So it’s not entirely… I haven’t responded entirely rationally into that information.


Joe Rogan: But with all the different books that you’ve written about religion and all the different debates you’ve got into with people about it, I mean you can’t have a rosy view of how this is gonna turn out. Do you?


Sam Harris: I know…


Joe Rogan: Do you think it’s possible that the human race could pull out of this


Sam Harris: Well, yeah I do.


Joe Rogan: crazy dilemma right now and move to the next level?


Sam Harris: Yeah

Joe Rogan: Yeah? for sure?


Sam Harris: Why.. I just don’t.. The truth is, I actually don’t think in terms of optimism and pessimism very much. I think I’m by default, I’m slightly pessimistic.


But uhm, you’ve got to live life and you want.. We’re all trying to find our way towards the high points of well-being and, and uhm, I think.. I think culture can change quickly.


That’s.. it’s easy to.. it’s easy to deny how risky our situation is and I think we shouldn’t do that. But it’s also easy to overlook how quickly we can get our act together.


So when you look on just how, I mean an example for me is the change in views of race in the United States. When you roll back the clock even 70 years, there was just, the level of racism in this country was just unrecognizable.


It’s not that racism isn’t still a problem. But people are being lynched. And there would be senators come out and have their photo taken in front of a dangling body. It was just insanity. Uhm,


Joe Rogan: It’s amazing when you think of how little time has passed.


Sam Harris: Yeah.


Joe Rogan: But that’s a very good point. Racism is probably the one thing that had the biggest amount of progress. Yeah, as far as culturally, yeah.


Sam Harris: And it’s undeniable progress. And it’s progress of a sort that is very hard to picture what would cause it to roll that back. I mean, I feel like those are gains. Kinda just, just gains in terms of understanding. Yeah. That we can’t lose.


Joe Rogan: I don’t think we have fully felt the impact of the Internet on culture either because the first couple of generations grew up exclusively with that full access to information like that. They haven’t reached adulthood yet.


Sam Harris: Yeah


Joe Rogan: Once these kids they grew up with the Internet in their entire life and  constantly having access to new ideas that aren’t, you know not regional people that they have to talk to, people in their neighborhood, people in their state.

But instead, be able to talk to people all over the world and get watched a lot of your shit online.


Sam Harris: Right


Joe Rogan: You know watching a lot of different lectures online. I mean that kind of… there’s nothing like that when we were kids. The impact of that generation I think that’s pretty much gonna be substantial.


Sam Harris: Yeah


Joe Rogan: When the kids now, I think that’s the next big leap of cultural evolution. The Internet kids.


When they become adults and start running shit I think, I think it’s just the attitude online does not mirror the attitude that’s expressed in laws and the ideas that people have about… about our society.


Sam Harris: Yeah. Yeah. I’m a little worri–I think it goes, it can go either way there. I think the Internet enables to very different and antagonistic processes. On the one hand, it does, it allows you to.. uh, cancel bad ideas very quickly.

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