Sam Harris on Joe Rogan Podcast 192


And then there’s the kinda Buddhist-Hindu-Yogi contemplative world where people imagine where great meditators have developed these abilities.


And even some of the meditators will you know, wink, wink suggest that they probably have these abilities but are just too humble to demonstrate them. But there’s a sort of kinda religious taboo against demonstrating them or


Joe Rogan: Challenging them


Sam Harris: challenging them or submitting them to test but, yeah, in the contemplative world, among Buddhists and Indian Yogis, there’s actually a straightforward path to developing these skills.


I mean there’s a recipe. You can go into your.. you can go ask the Dalai Lama how could I learn to read people’s minds and he has an answer to that question.


It’s not like whoa, it’s just a matter of whether you’re gifted or not, there’s actually, you can basically get a PHD in reading people’s minds


Joe Rogan: <laughing>

Sam Harris: among the Buddhists and Hindus. So the people who have done that, why don’t they get tested? Is not ‘coz.. what they’re claiming is not the ability to make a random number generator jump slightly.


They’ve got 5,000 people sitting next to them also doing it. They, they claim just huge abilities are possible for meditators who have reached certain levels of concentration.


I mean there are people who, who.. the stories are as crazy as anything you’ve heard.


Joe Rogan: What about remote viewing?

Sam Harris: Yeah


Joe Rogan: That’s the crazy shit of all time, right? Is that better unless proven?


Sam Harris: It is believed


Joe Rogan: That’s good it’s not proven? Never been proven?

Sam Harris: It’s just vague enough. Well, first of all, there are magicians like uhm, what’s the British magician. Derren Brown.


Joe Rogan: I gotta pee again.

Sam Harris: Yes


Joe Rogan: I’m sorry. I’m drinking this gigantic <inaudible>Damn


Sam Harris: I’m no psychic. That’s why I forgot not to pee.


Joe Rogan: <lauging>


Sam Harris: That’s how in touch I am with my physical reality.


Joe Rogan: This has been a very fascinating conversation, man. We can go on for hours.


Sam Harris: Yes, how long was that?


Joe Rogan: Almost 3 hours.


Sam Harris: No, really?


Joe Rogan: Yeah, yeah, yeah. No doubt. 5 minutes away from 3 hours.


Sam Harris: I hope we didn’t kill our audience


Joe Rogan: No! Are you kidding man? People love this shit. I thank your.. your devotion to the scientific method of explaining everything. It’s very admirable.

It’s very interesting and unique.


We never had anybody in the show that breaks things down in that way before. It has really, really been cool. Uhm, follow him on Twitter, SamHarrisOrg and check out all of his books from Letter to a Christian Nation, which was the first one I ever read to uh, End of Faith and what is the most recent one?

Sam Harris: The Moral Landscape and Free Will is the most recent one.


Joe Rogan: And Free Will is the PDF. It’s a downloadable, small


Sam Harris: No that’s Lying was a short essay. A book on the ethics of lying

Joe Rogan: Uhm is it


Sam Harris: Yeah


Joe Rogan: Best place to go to everything?


Sam Harris: Yup


Joe Rogan: Dude, we got to do this again man. We didn’t even touch jujitsu, martial arts, we got all up in Jihad, a little bit on drugs. It was great man.


Sam Harris: Yup, likewise


Joe Rogan: Awesome, awesome time. We got to do this over again. So ladies and gentlemen, that’s it. Follow him, buy his stuff. Sam Harris is the fucking man. Show’s over. Thanks everybody. See you soon! See you this week. We got a lot of people coming up. Who the fuck do we got Brian?


Brian Redban: uh, at the Ice House.


Joe Rogan: Yeah, we got Joey Diaz on Friday


Brian Redban: Felicia Michaels.

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