Sam Harris on Joe Rogan Podcast 192


Sam Harris: No.


Joe Rogan: Even if they’re confident and they make the basket. Knowing that they’re gonna make the basket. Statistically, you say


Sam Harris: Yes. There’s no sign of.. and this, again


Joe Rogan: So it’s a myth.


Sam Harris: This research is probably.. it’s probably 10 years old or so-so. Maybe something’s happened in the last decade


Joe Rogan: Jeremy Lin just fucked up the whole thing.


Sam Harris: Yeah, yeah. Right exactly.


Joe Rogan: But my understanding is, there’s zero evidence of, of.. what’s called the hot-handed basketball.


So that literally, it is a subjective error everyone feels powerfully and so given that, just map that on to all of our psychic so-called psychic experiences where you feel like you knew


Joe Rogan: someone’s call


Sam Harris: who is gonna call


Joe Rogan: Uhumm..


Sam Harris: We’re just


Joe Rogan: Just luck


Sam Harris: Yeah. It’s just.. There’s gonna be some..


Joe Rogan: How do you know though? How do you know it’s just luck? How do you know it’s not either or? How do you know it’s not


Sam Harris: Well sometimes


Sam Harris: there’s a brief.. but yeah, when you’re testing it, you’re.. by placing the experiment on anything, don’t you automatically alter the results of it? Especially when we talk something so ethereal as an idea of a friend and boom, there’s an email in your box. You haven’t talked to them in years. I’m just playing devil’s advocate here. ‘Coz I don’t believe in it.


Sam Harris: Listen I’ve had.. I’ve had experience.


Joe Rogan: But I know I don’t believe it either.


Sam Harris: So here’s one weird experience that I’ve had. I mean statistically, it seems completely beyond the pail. But it’s, again, there gonna be low probability of events that happened everyday and so…


I know a guy for instance. His college girlfriend uh, broke up with him and went to Europe. And he was convinced the relationship wasn’t over. And he decided he was gonna go to Europe to find her.


Joe Rogan: Whoa!


Sam Harris: He’s like 18, right. You’re not a crazy guy. Just a real romantic guy. It was not a scary breakup. So anyway, nice story. They got back together but uhm


Joe Rogan: <laughing>


Sam Harris: What happened is, so he goes.. so he’s just. you know only  an 18 year old can get his head to do this. He gets on a plane. He doesn’t even know which country she went to.


Joe Rogan: Oh my God


Sam Harris: He goes to Europe, right. He goes to Spain because he speaks Spanish and


Joe Rogan: Starts off in Monaco


Sam Harris: He’s 10 days into his trip. So he’s in Barcelona and some tourists, hand him a camera.

And so will you take our picture and he picks up the camera and he’s taking the picture and into frame, walks his ex-girlfriend, right?


So he’s found, like within 10 days, he just found her.. so what are the chance of that happening? Well


Joe Rogan: Pretty fucking small


Sam Harris: Pretty small, right? But that stuff happens to people. It would be a

miracle if high, low probability of it never happened. You know, it’ll be a miracle if no one, no one in human history ever had a story like that to tell. You know


Joe Rogan: Right, yes.


Sam Harris: We’re in a system where it’s bound.. there’s bound to be low probability of events.


Joe Rogan: Or it’s just not fully evolved and this kid went on his instincts and he tapped into the information of the universe and he knew instinctively where to go and he met his sweetheart


Sam Harris: But, but


Joe Rogan: like in a goddamn Sandra Bullock movie.


Sam Harris: If it’s a.. if it’s an ability that anyone should care about, it should be testable. It should be strong enough that we can test it.

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