Sam Harris on Joe Rogan Podcast 192

But I agree with you that you should really be careful with anything you do. Especially, I know people.. they’d just, you know.. they just go on Zanex and they lose their mind. I know people that just things


Sam Harris: Right


Joe Rogan: seem to be mild and acceptable.. I know people can’t drink.


Sam Harris: Right


Joe Rogan: You know everyone’s mind is very different. Bio-chemically. The way it reacts to different substances, you know some people can’t smoke. I–we were talking about this before. I know people that have given up pot and they swear there’s something in it. This is not pot.


Sam Harris: Right


Joe Rogan: You’re drugging me. No, no. It’s just pot man


Sam Harris: Yeah


Joe Rogan: It’s just… You’re setup’s different. There’s a certain amount of immunity that I’ve developed that you don’t have.


Sam Harris: Right


Joe Rogan: Tolerance rather. Uhm, I think it’s really unfortunate that we can’t experiment with these things. They aren’t like you know at the university level that this isn’t like normal


Sam Harris: Well, people are quietly doing research basically on everything now. I think.. I dunno if there’s anything that you can’t do researched with at the moment.


But it is pretty quiet. But they’re doing MDMA research and actually the… I was recently at TED and I was somewhat close to this research told me that the… they’ve been having such success with 2 sessions of MDMA therapy for PTSD that the military is now looking at using MDMA for.. MDMA for uhm..


Joe Rogan: Yeah, I heard about that.

Sam Harris:  2 or 3 session protocol which sort of I think, the jury is still out on the neurotoxicity of MDMA. I think there’s been some studies on both sides but if it’s just 2 sessions and you get some huge response rate for PTSD, uhm.


It gets around the neurotoxicity question because it’s not so-toxic that you can’t do it a few times or even a few more times at that. Uhm, but yeah, so anyway, I’m not a psychedelic or truly indispensable for me at a certain time of my life in terms of..


I was so.. I was a hard enough case. And skeptical enough that was anything worth realizing through introspection that it took just getting, you know, herald over the wall for me to realize that there was any more to the world.


And so, and then that gave me a basis for which to practice meditation and kinda look into these things.


Joe Rogan: What do you think is happening in the psychedelic experience? I’ve heard the broad spectrum of you know. You’re just changing the brain chemistry. You’re adding in a different element.


It creates hallucinations and because those hallucinations, you know you get this profound feelings and you can learn, grow from these feelings to it’s a radio and you’re tuning in to another life form that only communicates with you through eating it. It’s from another planet and that’s why there’s a logos.


Sam Harris: Yeah, yeah


Joe Rogan: That’s why especially when you take high doses of mushrooms, there you have… people commun– you have a language which is internal or not, you don’t really know.


I mean it could all be, you know, how much of… if you can see any of that stuff, how much of that is just firing against the different parts of your brain that causes.. causes visions I mean. What do you think is happening in a psychedelic experience?


Sam Harris: Well, this.. I blogged about this. I wrote an article regarding

Joe Rogan: I’ll grab a drink


Sam Harris: Drugs and the Meaning of Life. And so I, in a footnote I differentiated those 2 kinds of psychedelic experience. Because there is this, there is the one experience which is uhm, again, personal.


Even if it is trans-personal, it doesn’t put you in dialogue with anything else. Or it doesn’t seem to put you in dialogue with anything else. Uhm, and that’s the only kind I’ve ever had.

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