Sam Harris on Joe Rogan Podcast 192


And you get one look at that truth through the psychedelic experience because it’s just you being erotic and someone hands you a tab of acid and all of a sudden, you are a washed in an ocean of new content that is, is completely profound and you had no idea the life could be so


Joe Rogan: rich


Sam Harris: rich. Now, if you have a bad experience, you have a bad experience.

And that’s something else.


But if you have a good psychedelic experience where you feel like Jesus, that proves to you that is possible to be much, much deeper and happier than you… Than you realize.


Joe Rogan: I read that you had a very similar experience to me, uh, the first time you did MDMA.


Sam Harris: Uhum


Joe Rogan: And that was a real behavior changing experience for me. And I remember that I did it, I really couldn’t, couldn’t stop thinking after it was over like why can’t people be like that all the time.


Sam Harris: Correct

Joe Rogan: What an incredible world it would be… If people felt like that all the time, would anything ever get done? I don’t know but you know, but boy, human interaction would be blissful all the time.


Sam Harris: Yeah and again, I keep feeling just a civic responsibility to bracket all of my enthusiasm for psychedelics with the warning. I think they’re…


Some of them are just bio-chemically more risky, riskier than others and some are just psychologically risky and it’s possible to have a bad experience and to really regret taking any of these stuff.


Joe Rogan: Absolutely. So if you have a hard time with reality, I say stay the fuck away from psychedelics.


Sam Harris: But even if you don’t


Joe Rogan: neurotics


Sam Harris: But if you’ve had nothing but good experiences, you can suddenly start having bad experiences. I mean that was my course. I took…


I took MDMA a few times. I took Psilocybin a few times. I took acid a dozen times or so and I had, for the most part just, especially with LSD, I had 10 perfect experiences.


Where afterwards, it was unthinkable to me that anyone had a bad trip.  I don’t even know what that… I couldn’t even see the direction you would head to have a bad trip.


Joe Rogan: Did anything change in your life before you had the bad trip?


Sam Harris: I don’t.. I don’t.. I don’t know what the <inaudible> across


Joe Rogan: Like relationship shit


Sam Harris: It’s..


Joe Rogan: Insecurity?


Sam Harris: No. But I mean it’s just… But then, I think this is… I don’t have any science to go on here. Anecdotally, this is a reasonably common experience where once you’ve had a bad trip then the door is slightly ajar there and you can..


You can find your way there in a way, kinda reliably. Uhm so I approach psychedelics with more caution now. It’s been years since before I’ve done anything.


Uhm, but it’s not that I wouldn’t do it again. I probably would. But I would just pick my moment wisely because as good as the good trips were, the bad trips were just as bad. And it’s uhm


Joe Rogan: Well, the legal situation is very unfortunate because if it was legal, then we could have people that were experts on it , that were professionals and they can distribute it properly into the right environment.


And we’d have you know, protocol and the correct things to do if someone is having a bad trip, and they’re in the you know, safety and comfort of professionals and



Sam Harris: Right


Joe Rogan: people that they know that everything’s gonna be fine and sort of steer it in one way or the other.


Sam Harris: Yeah


Joe Rogan: You know that’s all something.. the potential growth experiences where we’re all missing out on because of the illegality of it.


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