Sam Harris on Joe Rogan Podcast 192


You’re fully here and integrated. And yet, the center has dropped out of the experience and you can just, only the world remains in some sense. You’re no longer on this side of it looking out.


Joe Rogan: Obsessing personally


Sam Harris: Or even just, even the sense of subject-object perception. Even just like… there’s a way of look– you take any object and there’s a way of looking at it as an object.


Where I feel that I’m over here looking at it. And then there’s also a way of still seeing it but seeing it so clearly that you’re no longer the seer. You’re no longer on the outside or in the inside looking out. There’s just seeing.


Joe Rogan: Dude


Sam Harris: There’s just a totality of


Joe Rogan: This is some Karate kid type sort of shit. You like become the cap


Sam Harris: It’s not becoming the cap. It’s just become the world.


Joe Rogan: Become your world? It’d become whatever you focus on.


Brian Redban: It’s like magic.


Sam Harris: It become.. become.. most of us feel like we are having an experience. Like there’s our experience. There’s the world of our experience and there’s us over here having the experience.


You know like one on the outside looking in or we’re looking over our own shoulder. There’s a distance. There’s a subject and there’s all the objects. And it’s possible to collapse that distance in a way that doesn’t require any psychedelic explosion.


And that is the, from a meditational point of view that is the center of the bulls eye. You wanna find that intrinsic property of consciousness and then you meditate on that. And then you drop your distraction.


And then you fall back into that space of just being open and aware and it doesn’t matter what happens. It doesn’t matter whether you feel bliss or you don’t. You’re not waiting for the meditation to get good.


You’re not trying to have an experience like you had yesterday that you lost and you’re trying to get back to it. So all of the seeking that tends to come to people’s spiritual lives trying to get some place, that’s the…


Irony is the seeking is your problem. You’re trying to become happy.. Trying to positing a goal and then seeking it from a con temple point of view is the trap that you wanna avoid.


Joe Rogan: You mean as far as behavior concerned? You mean as far as, you don’t mean that as far as goal setting in life, right?


Sam Harris: No, but I mean no. There’s a certainly a place for goal setting


Joe Rogan: How do you have this attitude and still write your books?


Sam Harris: No, no. I mean


Joe Rogan: How is it possible?


Sam Harris: No, no.. I’m not.. I’m not nullifying all purpose-based behavior obviously. But, but from a con temple point of view, so like the question is what is available to realize now in the present moment that is liberating?


So, it’s just me, being erotic me, unhappy me, me who’s being disappointed with yesterday. What can I do right now to be free? Is that even possible? Does that question even make any sense?


Some people would say, well, it doesn’t make any sense. You know there is no…  You are just a monkey or you’re just an ape with various needs and desires and, and…


You can be as happy as you can be but there’s nothing more profound to be realized about the nature of consciousness in the present. There’s just you, believing in certain things, wanting certain things, etc.


And that’s just not true. Now, it’s completely rational that many people think it’s true because they haven’t had certain kinds of experiences but, but…


The truth is and this is the truth that inconveniently for our sake is only really ever acknowledged on the context of religion. The truth is actually there’s something more profound to be realized on the present moment.

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