Sam Harris on Joe Rogan Podcast 192


I mean if we could all just see an airport security protocol that just looked right. You know, whereas just, then I think everyone would understand why we had to do it. But it looks so wrong and feels so wrong uh, and


Joe Rogan: Doesn’t feel like it’s improving


Sam Harris: It’s just..


Joe Rogan: It’s not like it’s figuring out the system better and this is an easier way to do it. Less intrusive. There’s no easy way to do it.


Sam Harris:  Yeah. And I’m not even putting myself. It’s like I’m not, you know, I don’t actually look. I don’t think I like I’m Al Qaeda but, but I dont’ look.. but I’m not as benign.


I mean, I once saw a little girl, when this.. when we first got the shoe bomber effect and we’re all having to take off our shoes. Uhm, I saw, you know, I saw a 3-year old girl who, in her whatever those, black and white shoes that little girls wear are called.


Brian Redban: Jellies? Clogs.


Sam Harris: I dunno exactly the name. But anyway, she was holding up a line. She was forced to take her shoes off. She was terrified. Like her first flight, you know.


And like the parents are being traumatized and there’s just, it’s the most insane misapplication of human resources.

Uhm, and meanwhile that was a flight where I had accidentally taken a, a bag that I used to keep a gun in. And I went through security with a double handful of bullets.


Joe Rogan: Whoa!.


Sam Harris: Just inadvertantly, right. So I’m getting through with bullets and they’re looking


Joe Rogan: At the little girl


Sam Harris: At the girl like she’s you know, the.. she’s Al Qaeda.


Joe Rogan: Al Gore got frisked. Do you remember that?


Sam Harris: No. But


Joe Rogan: Yeah. Al Gore made a big deal out of it. Because he was flying commercial


Sam Harris: Right


Joe Rogan: On one of these flights and he got frisked. And it’s like, what the fuck man? How ridiculous


Sam Harris: That’s a symbolic demonstration of fairness.


Joe Rogan: Yeah, it is. I guess in a certain point in time that you think, c’mon that you think the ex president, the ex vice-president is gonna become a suicide bomber? As really.. is that what we’re looking at here?


Sam Harris: Yeah, yeah.. So it’s that kind of thing I think is corrosive and the missteps and failures we’ve had in the level of foreign policy, in fighting wars have been corrosive just for the same reason.


Just the ineptitude and the unacknowledged and unanticipated cause is all just.. yeah, it’s very had to be idealistic or feel like anything is being done right but again, just think of what Obama’s gotta deal with when he drinks his coffee first thing in the morning.


He’s got.. They’re getting information from a world of intelligence which is, is struggling to quantify certain risks and there’s no question that there are people who are desperate to blow up whole cities in this country because…


Not because they have said that they have a long list of rational grievance against our foreign policy, but because they’re fighting a cosmic war. And that’s just something we have to absorb. As bizarre fact as it is.


Joe Rogan: So you think for most people it’s almost impossible to sort of understand their mindset. To really put yourself into their shoes. It’s virtually impossible. To really have that kind of uh, crazed, deep belief.


Sam Harris: I don’t find it actually, I feel like I can put myself in their shoes. You know if I read the Koran and I read the Hadith and I read what uhm, people like Osama Bin Laden say about their intentions and why they’re doing what they’re doing.


Watch enough, watch a few suicide videos uh, you know Last Testament videos of suicide bombers, you just have to imagine what it’ll feel like if you really believe that this was the structure of the universe.

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