Sam Harris on Joe Rogan Podcast 192


But if you hear granddad kill a woman and kids with a shovel, all of a sudden he’s the scariest guy I’ve ever heard of. Probably, he couldn’t sleep for the rest of his life either. Because it takes a different kind of person to, to do that. But the guy dropping bombs kill far many more women and children than the guy with the shovel.


Joe Rogan: Yeah


Sam Harris: And so, that.. that uhm,


Joe Rogan: It’s fascinating isn’t it? Now, we’re moving into drones.


Sam Harris: Yeah


Joe Rogan: We lose even more.


Sam Harris: So we need… the burden is to figure out how to have an appropriate emotional response to reality and to be guided by. It’s not to say their emotions are perfect guide.


There may be ways in which we are wired to have a strong response to something that we should just get over and we’re not wired to have an appropriately emotional response to something that really is a massive danger.

And so our perception of risk and our perception of harm is not what it needs to be for us to make an intelligent decisions and compassionate decisions in these kinds of conflicts.


Joe Rogan: Did you agree with the video being released? Did you think it was a bad idea?


Sam Harris: Uhm..


Joe Rogan: From a ralph or the cause?


Sam Harris: It’s hard to separate that from everything else that has happened but


Joe Rogan: As far as Wikileaks you mean?


Sam Harris: but, yeah, yeah. So I think Wikileaks, the truth is I don’t even know the ultimate consequences of Wikileaks. I, you know, it’s, it would just matter what the consequences are as they are.


Joe Rogan: But is transparency good?


Sam Harris: Yeah, but


Joe Rogan: Up to a certain point.


Sam Harris: But do I think Obama should be forced that his next press conference to just share his White House briefing with the world? No. I think, I think he..


There are certain things that I understand, that he and people like him need to know. That I don’t need to know and if I knew and blogged about it, I would be harming our national security. Uhm so, yeah. I’m not for just unlimited


Joe Rogan: Distribution of secrets


Sam Harris: Yeah, yeah.

Joe Rogan: So you allow them to have certain secrets just for national security?

Sam Harris: Well, it’s just, clearly we..  there


Joe Rogan: They need that.


Brian Redban: Absolutely


Sam Harris: Absolutely need that. We would be paralyzed


Joe Rogan: <inaudible>


Brian Redban: I agree with that a hundred percent.


Joe Rogan: You’re sure, right.. If it’s bad guys but up to what level? Like at what point? How do you know? You know that’s weird. How do you make a distinction?


How do you decide that they shouldn’t be able to have you know, certain secrets that may, may in fact be damaging to American civilians or we might, you know disagree with them or they might change the way we feel about our president or our policy.


Brian Redban: It’s really not that complicated though.


Sam Harris: You don’t think so?


Brian Redban: It’s probably be basic. It’s probably like, alright, we should definitely not tell them about uh, where nuclear warheads throughout in the United States are located everywhere.


Joe Rogan: Yeah, you would think so but I think it’s a lot more complicated than that.


Sam Harris: Yeah. Well, again there are trade-offs between some of these things whereas just, it’s hard to really be satisfied that you’ve hit the right answer. Because it’s, it’s the.. So for instance, going through the security in the airport, there’s this issue of fairness.


And then there’s this issue of intelligent use of attention resources. So the fairness would say, yes, frisk the 75-year old woman who looks like she just got out of her evangelical church just as much as you frisk the guy who, who just prayed on his knees to Mecca, uhm, before passing through security.

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