Sam Harris on Joe Rogan Podcast 192


I mean, it’s just a very different game they’re playing. They’re.. You’ve got to imagine what it’s like to really believe in paradise.


To really want to get there. To know that, that  if you gonna blow youself up killing infidels, you’re gonna get there. And you’re gonna get everyone you love there, there’s just this velvet rope in front of paradise and you’re gonna walk right past ‘coz the angels are gonna lift it up for you.


And the way to get there is to be a Jihadi. You know it’s like, it’s the ultimate.. it’s like being James Bond who’s gonna get 72 virgins in paradise. And you have got no other problems in life you need to worry about.


You don’t have to worry about getting an education, getting a job, or making it work in this world, or building a civil society. You just have to play your side of the game right. And die in the right circumstances.


Joe Rogan: But how many of those are out there? How many people do you think you’re talking about?


Sam Harris: I think, I think there are enough well, I think there’d be tens of thousands of people who went to training camps in Afghanistan.


Uhm, so again, so the concentric circle, so the center of the bulls eye. Let’s just say that’s just… let’s say half of a percent of the Muslim world.


Okay, which is, whenever you have.. half of a percent, 1 percent of humanity is schizophrenic. So half a percent is tiny segment of any population.


There’s no idea so crazy that only half a percent of Americans believe in it. You know if you ask people


Joe Rogan: <inaudible>


Sam Harris: Yeah, yeah, you get more than half of a percent. So.. but even half of a percent uhm, what is that? It’s millions of people who are just the die-hard of the die-hard. Now, there’s 1.4 billion Muslims. Uhm, so

Joe Rogan: So you think it’s possible, half a percent of them are willing to burn themselves up?


Sam Harris: Well, I think it’s worst. So let’s say there’s potentially, let’s say potentially there’s a million Jihadis, right


Joe Rogan: Whew!


Sam Harris: I think it’s probably worse than that but let’s say


Joe Rogan: Really?


Sam Harris: Yeah.


Joe Rogan: Wow


Sam Harris: But let’s just say it’s


Joe Rogan: But when you say, let’s just define it, you mean guys who are willing to become suicide bombers?


Sam Harris: Yes.


Joe Rogan: More than a million?


Sam Harris: Well, I think that wouldn’t be a crazy guess. I mean I have no way of knowing it apart from the fact that there’s like, in any Muslim country it’s 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, depending on the country up to, you know up to 70% who thinks suicide bombing is a good thing.


Joe Rogan: Wow


Sam Harris: Right. It’s not… these are… when you run the poll in you know, which has been done by few and other organizations and they start asking, “do you think, you know, suicide bombing in defense of Islam is ever justifiable?”


And as you know yes, sometimes, rarely and never are the possible responses. The number of YESes and Sometimes gives you, if not a majority, a significant minority of every Muslim country.


Even in the UK, you would get something like 20-25% of young Muslims thinking it’s justifiable. And you get that immediately after the suicide bombings in London.


These polls have been run and do you want to live under Sharia Law? You get like 30% in the UK among Muslims 18-24. Now, so one question is do people actually believe what they say they believe when you’re, taking a poll.


And what does it actually mean when they say yes to that. So how does that inform your life? So let’s just style it all the way down to half a percent, okay. Everyone else is just bluffing.


Half a percent is still… with the spread of weapons of high yield, whether it’s nuclear weapons or biological weapons uhm, half a percent of any popu, of any significant population can do a lot of damage and so we just…

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