Sam Harris on Joe Rogan Podcast 192


And so many people shoot at you or blow themselves up while you do it that there’s… It’s completely impractical to do. I think we have a real problem.


Joe Rogan: So you think we should have


Sam Harris: I think we have a real problem, ethically… to just have abandoned women to get in their noses cut-off because they decided not to marry the octogenarian that their father sold them to


Joe Rogan: Well, you know. Obviously, I don’t agree with any of that stuff or for any social restrictions that they put on.

But do you think we should really have troops overseas to try to reinforce our moral standards on this country that’s a mess? I mean should we really do that?


Sam Harris: I think we…


Joe Rogan: Is that what we are doing now?


Sam Harris: No. But I think, well, we are attempting to do that but it’s just not doable.


Joe Rogan: Do you really think that that’s our motivation now?


Sam Harris: To some degree


Joe Rogan: But what about the amount of money they’re pulling out of there. What about the amount of money that they’re making just getting in minerals?


Sam Harris: Let me sidestep that for a second and just talk about what the end games is. The end game is to have a global civilization that actually works. And what would that look like?


It will look like more or less what it looks like in any country where they have a world government that achieves this or some federation of states that works better certainly than the UN.


You need to have… if girls were getting their noses cut off and being forced to live in burkas in Florida, it’ll be a crime problem.


Joe Rogan: Right.


Sam Harris: And we will send in police to force people to treat their daughters better, to treat their wives better and that’s necessary and appropriate.


It’s just there’s no mechanism to allow us to do that as a matter of International law. And so, we clearly get into a time where when you have a hostage crisis where an entire country is held hostage by some lunatic or group of lunatics in the government.


The matter of national soverignty is not.. I mean who cares about the national sovereignty of North Korea? That’s a hostage situation.


Joe Rogan: Well, that’s a really interesting point. We negotiate with North Korea and we give the money and we’re not even thinking about going over there.


Sam Harris: We give the money out of compassion.


Joe Rogan: Yeah, why aren’t we going over there?


Sam Harris: Because they have nukes.


Joe Rogan: Is that what it is?


Sam Harris: And they have so much artillery pointed at South Korea. And the distance is so small. That nukes aside, it would just be a disaster.


But again, that’s just an argument for not letting these, these failed states and derailed states get too strong. So we need a way to, to… We need a way to convince the entire civilized world of functional democracies to apply quasi-global pressure to any one of these regions demanding that they get their act together.


And Afghanistan is definitely a place that where it would be compassion… If we could come in, if every… If Russia and China and everyone else could get on the same page with us and we could all agree, alright, the women of Afghanistan, we actually need to help you.


So how are we gonna do this? The first pass we’re gonna, you know any guy whose throwing battery acid in front of little girls because they want to go to school, that, we’re gonna deal with that guy as the sociopath that he is.


Uhm and if it just so happens that there’s a culture of those guys and call themselves a Taliban, we’re gonna deal with a Taliban as a, you know, a gang of sociopaths.


Uhm, but again, this is just so, we tried it on our own. More or less on our own. And the results have been terrible. And the results have been terrible because of the… largely because of the role that religious thinking plays there.

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